v0.1.2 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

soju v0.1.2

Alexey Yerin (3):
      db: match placeholders with columns
      Makefile: mark soju and sojuctl as .PHONY
      contrib/weechat: fix typo

Hubert Hirtz (2):
      Handle casemapping on BouncerServ
      Don't directly reply to network-specific NICK

Simon Ser (1):
      contrib/weechat: explain how to enable IRCv3 features

v0.1.1 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

soju v0.1.1

This release fixes a bug in the command deleting users, which caused
data loss by deleting the current user instead of the provided user.

Eyal Sawady (1):
      handleUserDelete: delete the correct user

v0.1.0 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

soju v0.1.0

This is the first soju release.

Any database created with this version of soju is guaranteed to work
with future versions. The configuration file format, the CLI interface
and the BouncerServ interface may be changed in future releases.

Dan Shick (1):
      Fix store user query values

Eyal Sawady (1):
      Join all channels with a single JOIN message

Hubert Hirtz (24):
      Send the full user mask in RPL_LOGGEDIN
      Don't save corrupted NickServ credentials
      Send compact channel name lists
      Fix help message for BouncerServ's network update
      More explicit error message on KICK with the wrong network
      More explicit error message on INVITE with the wrong network
      Fix marshalling of channel name in RPL_CREATIONTIME
      Reject downstream NICK with illegal characters
      Forward RPL_TOPICWHOTIME to downstreams
      Make sure that WebSocket messages are valid UTF-8
      Make DB.DeleteChannel take the channel ID
      Don't send TAGMSG to upstreams that don't support it
      Prevent downstreams from changing their nick to service's
      Uphold echo-message even with BouncerServ
      Advertise all caps, CAP DEL them on registration
      Improve dc.authenticate()'s error messages
      Don't forward batch tags
      Request invite-notify to upstreams
      if true return true else return false
      Send correct CHATHISTORY error messages
      Implement casemapping
      Fix CHATHISTORY target not being casemapped
      Make casemapping work over bytes instead of runes
      Drop TAGMSG in detached channels

Kalyan Sriram (1):
      sojuctl: change-password: check if user exists

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      docs: Fix manpage syntax
      service: Handle zero-value in stringPtrFlag.String

Nomeji (1):
      readme: expand usage

Simon Ser (405):
      Add basic IRC listener
      Add LICENSE and README.md
      Send "unknown command" replies
      Handle NICK and USER
      Add connection registration
      Send ERR_NOMOTD on registration
      Handle PING
      Rename conn to downstreamConn
      Add Server.Logger
      Connect to upstream servers
      Add basic upstream message handler
      Log upstream server errors
      Split downstram and upstream code into separate files
      Ignore some upstream messages
      Send standard user/channel modes to downstream connections
      Handle upstream RPL_MYINFO messages
      Handle MODE messages from upstream servers
      Handle NOTICE from upstream servers
      Join channels on upstream servers
      Split IRC helpers to separate file
      Add per-upstream logger
      Maintain a list of downstream connections
      Allow Server to have access to upstreamConn
      Remove downstream conn from list on disconnect
      Mark channel info as complete on RPL_ENDOFNAMES
      Write to downstream conn in dedicated goroutine
      Forward channel information
      De-duplicate downstream QUIT handling
      Keep track of upstream connections in a list
      Send channel info to downstream on registration
      Remove downstreamConn.WriteMessage
      Add missing bridge.go, oops
      Use a dedicated goroutine to write upstream messages
      Handle third-party JOIN and PART messages
      Handle channel mode changes
      Forward PRIVMSG messages
      Per-user connections
      Add Server.getUser
      Add user.forEachUpstream
      Add user.forEachDownstream
      Skip unregistered and closed upstream connections
      Allow changing nickname
      Add parseMessageParams helper
      Add upstreamConn.register
      Close connection from writer goroutine
      Handle downstream MODE messages
      Send fake RPL_CREATED message
      Handle downstream JOIN messages
      Handle downstream PART messages
      Add an in-memory ring buffer
      Add names to consumers
      Switch license to AGPLv3
      readme: add some high-level goals, add contributing links
      Don't write to downstreamConn.messages directly
      Abbreviate {upstream,downstream}Conn with uc and dc
      Add downstreamConn.writeMessages
      Fix issues related to Ring
      Forward PRIVMSG coming from downstream
      Document Ring
      Add upstreamConn.SendMessage
      Add CLI flags for listening address and hostname
      Add config file
      Fix panic when closing downstream connection
      Add a -debug flag
      Don't leave connections half-opened
      Properly handle PING messages
      Enable TCP keep-alive on all connections
      Fix PING handlers, again
      Add functions to translate between upstream and downstream names
      cmd/jounce: fix non-TLS listener address
      Retry connecting to upstream servers
      Remove upstream prefix for outgoing MODE and PRIVMSG
      Allow clients to specify an upstream name in their username
      Fix TOPIC parsing, broadcast to downstream clients
      Remove unused user.getChannel, move getUpstream to user
      Rename network to upstreamName
      Add SQLite database
      readme: add instructions to initialize database
      go fmt
      readme: pipe commands into sqlite3 instead of using -init
      Use a RWMutex for DB
      Pass-through NICK messages for other users
      Pass-through QUIT messages
      cmd/jouncectl: new command
      Add support for PASS to downstream
      schema: make User.password NOT NULL
      schema: add UNIQUE constraints
      Fix nil dereference when network is specified in username
      Update DB on JOIN and PART
      Store NICK changes in the DB
      Auto-save IRC networks
      Add upstream CAP LS support
      Add support for upstream PASS command
      schema: add Channel.key
      Add support for SASL authentication
      Update dependencies
      Forward NOTICE messages coming from upstream connections
      Rename project to soju
      Add sojuctl to .gitignore
      Strip client & network name from username
      Split user logic into its own file
      Rename messages channels to outgoing
      Per-user dispatcher goroutine
      Rename consumption to ringMessage
      Echo downstream PRIVMSGs to other downstream connections
      Make downstreamConn.runUntilegistered exit with an error on EOF
      Don't reply to PING when client is unregistered
      Add CAP support for downstream connections
      Protect upstreamConn.history with a lock
      Log downstream messages before registration
      Allow CAP command when registered
      Add downstream SASL support
      Fix echo PRIVMSG messages
      Fix typo
      ci: add builds.sr.ht manifest
      Add basic infrastructure for bouncer service
      man: add basic man page
      man: fix typo
      readme: add ref to man page, add link to GitHub repo
      Fix history name
      Remove some IRCv3 constants
      Add basic Makefile
      Fix deadlocks in single-upstream mode
      Move upstreamConn.history to network
      Avoid sending JOIN twice for the same channel
      Drop messages on closed connections
      Fix empty SASL challenge message
      Fix typo
      Add network.upstream helper
      Add user.{add,remove}Downstream
      Add more details to ring buffer panics
      Move upstreamConn.ring to network
      Consume ring buffer for networks added on-the-fly
      Handle downstream JOIN/PART with multiple channel names
      Add support for channel keys
      gitignore: add soju.db and soju.1
      Error out when storing unsupported SASL mechanism in DB
      Correctly set Channel.ID in DB.StoreChannel
      Make BouncerServ commands a tree
      Add a "network status" command
      Introduce a user.events channel
      Add eventDownstreamConnected
      Add eventDownstreamDisconnected
      Nuke user.lock
      Move man page to doc/
      doc: add basic architecture document
      Get rid of Server.downstreamConns
      Stop accessing user data in downstreamConn.authenticate
      Fix race condition in upstreamConn.Close
      Introduce eventUpstreamDisconnected
      Document functions safe to call from any goroutine
      s/List/LIST/ when referring to the command
      Update password on NickServ SET PASSWORD message
      Add downstreamConn.clientName
      Remove downstreamConn.username
      Use clientName to decide whether or not history should be sent
      Fix missing upstreamConn.closed initialization
      Rename AppendLog to appendLog
      Consume ring messages outside of writer goroutine
      readme: advise connecting with "<username>/<network>"
      Make "@" and "/" indicate client name and network, respectively
      Expose message-tags capability downstream
      Avoid directly forwarding NOTICE messages
      Request server-time cap
      Add downstream support for server-time
      Fix log dir permission
      Add eventUpstreamConnected
      Only set network.conn when registered
      Auto away
      Set network.conn in user goroutine
      config: use shlex
      Make user.getNetwork handle Network.Name
      Add "network delete" service command
      Stop ring consumers when deleting network
      Simplify ring consumer goroutine
      Set write deadlines
      Set connect timeout
      Fix SQL error logged on JOIN
      doc: document "network delete"
      Fix writer goroutine races
      Introduce conn for common connection logic
      Add support for downstream echo-message extension
      Use conn.ReadMessage instead of irc.Conn.ReadMessage
      Log self-messages too
      doc: document auto-away feature
      Introduce messageLogger
      Add time tag to all messages
      Add NOTICE messages to ring buffer
      Add network.{createUpdate,delete}Channel
      Use Network.GetName in network status NOTICE messages
      Only print addr if necessary in network status service command
      Use Network.GetName for logs path
      Introduce upstreamConn.produce
      Remove per-network ring buffer goroutines
      Remove channel from ring buffer consumers
      Remove locks from ring buffer
      Remove downstreamConn.lock
      Remove downstreamConn.ringConsumers
      Remove RingConsumer.Close
      Simplify ring consumer loop
      Fix NOTICE log formatting
      Log TOPIC messages
      Remove downstreamConn.ourMessages
      Remove network.lock
      Add origin argument to upstreamConn.produce
      Make upstreamConn.produce log messages
      Fix server-time tags timezone
      Remove Ring.Close
      Make Ring.NewConsumer seq argument mandatory
      Remove Ring.consumers
      Fix upstream NICK handling
      Centralize logged messages marshaling
      Remove outdated comment
      Extract logic to build log filepath into a function
      Make newMessageLogger take a *network instead of an *upstreamConn
      Document downstreamConn.{,un}marshalEntity
      Parse timestamp from message tags in messageLogger.Append
      Per-entity ring buffers
      doc: fix SQL driver name in manpage
      Set up DB migration infrastructure
      Add support for downstream batch & chathistory
      Unify downstreamConn.marshal{Entity,Nick,Channel}
      Disallow marshalling for anotehr network
      Kill downstreamConn.marshal{Nick,Channel}
      Make downstreamConn.marshal{Entity,UserPrefix} take a network
      Support sending history when upstream is disconnected
      Fix typo
      doc: describe more default settings
      readme: fix ref to manpage
      doc/architecture: ring buffers are now per-channel
      Add network.channels, remove DB.GetChannel
      Abbreviate net status service reply
      Forward RPL_AWAY messages
      Check upstream NOTICE prefix is non-nil
      Don't use forEachDownstreamByID when forwarding RPL_AWAY
      Add downstream support for cap-notify
      Add support for away-notify
      Rename upstreamConn.caps to supportedCaps
      Add upstreamConn.caps
      Remove network.upstream
      Use a lock to protect conn.{closed,outgoing}
      Add upstream cap-notify support
      Introduce permanentUpstreamCaps
      Add support for detached channels
      Don't clear channel key on JOIN
      Unify upstream NOTICE and PRIVMSG handling
      Send service NOTICE on highlight in detached channel
      Improve highlight matching
      readme: add CI badge
      Add time tag to echo messages
      Unexport network.Stop
      Only send JOIN message if we have channels to join
      Introduce network.isClosed
      Close net.Conn in conn.Close
      Add network update command
      Remove setKeepAlive
      Introduce ircConn
      Remove keepAlivePeriod
      Allow multiple listeners, default to ircs
      doc: add missing change-password service command
      doc: update URL to sr.ht hub in man page
      Fail auth on empty password in DB
      Add support for WebSocket connections
      Introduce User.Created
      ci: check scdoc is happy
      Fix missing appendServiceCommandSetHelp argument
      readme: add link to website
      readme: extend copyright notice to all contributors
      service: list commands in lexicographic order
      Return io.EOF on websocket connection closure
      Handle registration failures
      Reply to WHO BouncerServ
      Extract X-Forwarded-* headers for WebSocket connections
      Only read X-Forwarded-* if remote address is loopback
      Add RemoteAddr to ircConn interface
      Accept "irc" WebSocket subprotocol
      Make length check clearer in sendNames
      Sort and split JOIN messages
      Check upstream address with net.SplitHostPort
      Parse upstream URLs with net/url
      Add support for upstream Unix socket connections
      Strip network name from nickname when auto-saving network
      Broadcast unhandled messages to downstream connections
      Fix deadlock in DB.Close
      contrib/znc-import: new utility
      Add unix as supported upstream URL scheme to service
      Prevent error handler from falling through in user.run
      doc: document the network update command
      go fmt
      Add a `sasl set-plain` command
      Rename `certfp reset` to `sasl reset`
      doc: mention SASL EXTERNAL in the CertFP docs
      readme: mention the znc-import tool
      doc: add example config file in man page
      Change unix:// to irc+unix://
      Add accept-proxy-ip config directive
      config: make http-origin directive overwrite previous list
      readme: update mailing list link
      Add DB.DeleteUser
      Add user.stop
      Make user.stop block
      Remove user from Server map when stopped
      Add `user delete` command
      cmd/sojuctl: read user from DB before updating it
      Don't perform TLS handshake in connectToUpstream
      Add User.ID
      Add ircConn.LocalAddr
      Add conn.{Local,Remote}Addr
      Add an ident server
      doc: add ident server to man page
      Extract history loading into functions
      Add missing ident.go
      Handle upstream ERROR messages
      Parse NOTICE messages from logs
      Format CTCP ACTION messages in logs
      ident: remove leftover debug log
      Encode idents to hex instead of base64
      Strip message tags in error message
      Escape user/network/entity characters in log file path
      Implement rate limiting for upstream messages
      Improve registration error messages
      go fmt
      Replace networkHistory.offlineClients with clients
      Introduce internal message IDs
      Introduce loadHistoryLatestID
      Nuke in-memory ring buffer
      Update dependencies
      Allow '/' in nickname
      Fix downstream PING argument handling
      Fix panic in downstreamConn.sendNetworkHistory
      Don't update history when msgID is empty in appendLog
      Set Server.AcceptProxyIPs
      Add support for the PROXY protocol
      Add id column to User table
      Switch DB API to user IDs
      Switch to sql.NullString
      Add message store abstraction
      Switch to go-scfg
      Upgrade dependencies
      Don't accept any IP as a proxy by default
      Implement delivery receipts via PING messages
      Fix nickname in ERR_ERRONEOUSNICKNAME
      Add .editorconfig
      Turn messageStore into an interface
      Add store-agnostic message ID format
      Make chat history operations optional in messageStore
      Add in-memory message store
      go fmt
      Update dependencies
      Forward ISUPPORT NETWORK token
      Add support for graceful shutdown
      Rename sendNetworkHistory to sendNetworkBacklog
      Rename network.history to network.delivered
      Introduce downstreamConn.sendTargetBacklog
      Use sendTargetBacklog when re-attaching a channel
      Add irc to ALPN protocols
      Add Network.{URL,GetUsername,GetRealname}
      Extract ISUPPORT CHANMODES/PREFIX to separate functions
      Simplify if block in ISUPPORT handler
      Maintain state for upstream ISUPPORT
      Use upstream ISUPPORT map for NETWORK
      Properly handle all ISUPPORT negations
      Passthrough some ISUPPORT tokens
      Improve ERR_NOSUCHCHANNEL error messages
      Correctly set WebSocket read/write deadline
      Add Unix socket listener
      Send NOTICE to downstream when upstream is disconnected
      Don't store history for NickServ
      Don't update downstream caps in upstream RPL_WELCOME handler
      Don't add "irc" in ALPN list for WebSocket servers
      Drop "irc" WebSocket subprotocol
      Add support for the Forwarded HTTP header
      Fix Forwarded HTTP header handling
      Stop reading X-Forwarded-Port
      Reload TLS certs on SIGHUP
      Fix panic on GetCertificate
      Introduce deliveredClientMap
      contrib/casemap-logs.sh: new utility script
      Simplify network.offlineClients
      Move network.clients to user
      Ensure targets are case-mapped before being passed to messageStore
      Introduce deliveredStore
      Make NickServ detection casemapping-aware
      Rename user.clients to clientNames
      Use BARE for internal message IDs
      Save delivery receipts in DB
      Update dependencies
      cmd/soju: allow specifying -listen multiple times
      Introduce per-user logger
      Panic on unknown user event type
      Take msg ID in sendTargetBacklog
      Skip backlog logic in downstreamConn.welcome on chathistory
      Store last internal msg ID in DB when detaching
      Move isHighlight to irc.go
      Relay detached channel backlog as BouncerServ NOTICE if necessary
      Error out on network name conflict
      Add per-network logger
      Add user prefix to upstream logger
      sojuctl: don't use log.Fatalf in readPassword
      readme: mention Makefile, assume soju is installed system-wide
      Add default configuration file
      Make db and log config options more future-proof

Thorben Günther (4):
      Add ability to change password
      Allow users to change password in client
      Allow to read password when stdin is not a tty.
      doc: fix typo in man page

delthas (65):
      Add upstream INVITE support
      schema: add Network.name
      Add suffixing for multi-upstream connections
      Add create-network bouncer service command
      Add WHO support
      Add WHOIS support
      Fix MODE downstream support
      Add MODE arguments support
      Add downstream NAMES support
      Add user hostname to downstream user prefix
      Add downstream self WHO and WHOIS support
      Add upstream message-tags capability support
      Add upstream batch capability support
      Add a server-unique id to each downstream
      Add upstream labeled-response capability support
      Route NAMES, WHO, WHOIS replies to the requesting downstream
      Fix wrong handling of members parameter of RPL_NAMREPLY
      Simplify error handling for downstream JOIN/PART
      Add KICK support
      Add downstream TOPIC support
      Fix capitalization of 'id'
      Add upstream RPL_CREATIONTIME support
      Add downstream INVITE support
      Add downstream NOTICE support
      Marshal NOTICE user prefixes and channels
      Fix parsing wrong empty element in RPL_WHOISCHANNELS channel list
      Make upstream.SendMessageLabeled use an uint64 id
      Add LIST support
      Add support for bouncer logs
      Send one NOTICE on new upstream disconnect/connect errors
      Send the last error for disconnected networks in network status
      Fill all fields of the service user prefix
      Remove unused entityLog struct
      Add support for custom network on-connect commands
      Unmarshal nicks in texts of PRIVMSG and NOTICE from downstreams
      Add support for IRC address schemes
      Add support for the irc+insecure address scheme
      Fix joining only one saved channel per network
      Fix not properly marshaling self in single-server mode
      Add support for multiple user channel memberships
      Fix parsing MODE messages by updating channel memberships
      Fix a null access due to assigning nil to the member memberships map
      Fix sending CAP END twice when SASL is not used
      Update downstream nicks in single-server mode and after NICK
      Add support for downstream NICK to a single upstream
      Add support for downstream LIST to a single upstream
      Add support for downstream WHOIS nick/network nick/network
      Add support for upstream ban, invite, and exception lists
      Send a label with all messages sent from downstream
      Forward all labeled errors and unknown messages to their downstream
      Add support for TAGMSG and client message tags
      Fix parsing upstream RPL_INVITING messages
      Add support for downstream CHATHISTORY
      Rename handleServiceCreateNetwork to handleServiceNetworkCreate
      Fix: Check the stdin scanner for errors when reading the password
      Add an admin flag to users
      Add support for admin-restricted service commands
      Add support for the user create admin service command
      sojuctl: Add support for creating admin users
      Fix sending messages from detached channels
      Add support for the extended-join capability
      Introduce Channel.{RelayDetached,ReattachOn,DetachAfter,DetachOn}
      Add customizable auto-detaching, auto-reattaching, relaying.
      service: Introduce `channel update`
      Increase downstream TCP keepalive interval to 1 hour

fox.cpp (3):
      Implement upstream SASL EXTERNAL support
      Fix handling of empty response to SASL challenge
      Do not panic if BouncerServ command without handler is sent