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readme: mention Makefile, assume soju is installed system-wide
readme: update mailing list link
readme: mention the znc-import tool
readme: expand usage
readme: extend copyright notice to all contributors

soju now has multiple contributors. Even if they weren't explicitly
listed as copyright holders, they still retain copyright ownership for
their contributions. Make this clear. See [1].

[1]: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/blog/2020/01/copyright-notices-in-open-source-software-projects/
readme: add link to website
sojuctl: Add support for creating admin users

This adds a new flag, `-admin` for creating admin users, which can
access admin service commands, among which create-user to create other
users on-the-fly.

Since the person running the commands in the README will be the local
soju administrator, the user they create should be admin as well, hence
the README update.
Allow multiple listeners, default to ircs

Users can now specify multiple "listen" directives in their
configuration file. If -listen is specified on the CLI, it's added to
the list of listeners.

Listeners are now parsed as URLs. If the scheme is missing "ircs" is
assumed. URLs allow to enable/disable TLS on a per-listener basis and
will be used for Unix sockets too.

The default listening address is changed from irc+insecure://:6667 to
ircs://:6697. This avoids setting up an insecure listener opened to
readme: add CI badge
readme: fix ref to manpage
Set up DB migration infrastructure

The database is now initialized automatically on first run. The schema
version is stored in SQLite's user_version special field. Migrations are
stored in an array and applied based on the schema version.
readme: advise connecting with "<username>/<network>"

This matches znc's behavior and is more consistent with the
multiple-upstream mode (where channels and nicks are suffixed with
"/<network>" as well).
Fix deadlocks in single-upstream mode
readme: add ref to man page, add link to GitHub repo
Strip client & network name from username
Rename project to soju
Auto-save IRC networks
schema: make User.password NOT NULL
readme: pipe commands into sqlite3 instead of using -init

This makes it so sqlite3 exits after executing the file.
readme: add instructions to initialize database