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@@ 12,14 12,14 @@ A user-friendly IRC bouncer.

## Usage

See the man page at `doc/soju.1.scd` for more information.
See the man page for more information.

### Server side

To create an admin user and start soju, run these commands:

    go run ./cmd/sojuctl create-user <soju username> -admin
    go run ./cmd/soju -listen irc+insecure://
    sojuctl create-user <soju username> -admin
    soju -listen irc+insecure://

If you're migrating from ZNC, a tool is available to import users, networks and
channels from a ZNC config file:

@@ 65,9 65,14 @@ name:
    /join #soju/freenode
    /join #somechannel/rizon

#### Notes
## Building and installing

soju will automatically save and restore the channels you were connected to.
For end users, a `Makefile` is provided:

    sudo make install

For development, you can use `go run ./cmd/soju` as usual.

## Contributing