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sojuctl: rename to sojudb

sojuctl will be used to control the soju deamon directly.

sojudb is a better name because it operates on the database file only.
3 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

M Makefile
R cmd/{sojuctl/main.go => sojudb/main.go}
M doc/getting-started.md
M Makefile => Makefile +6 -6
@@ 11,24 11,24 @@ config_path := $(DESTDIR)/$(SYSCONFDIR)/soju/config
goflags := $(GOFLAGS) \
	-ldflags="-X 'git.sr.ht/~emersion/soju/config.DefaultPath=$(config_path)'"

all: soju sojuctl doc/soju.1
all: soju sojudb doc/soju.1

	$(GO) build $(goflags) ./cmd/soju
	$(GO) build $(goflags) ./cmd/sojuctl
	$(GO) build $(goflags) ./cmd/sojudb
doc/soju.1: doc/soju.1.scd
	$(SCDOC) <doc/soju.1.scd >doc/soju.1

	$(RM) -f soju sojuctl doc/soju.1
	$(RM) -f soju sojudb doc/soju.1
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(BINDIR)
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(MANDIR)/man1
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/$(SYSCONFDIR)/soju
	mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/var/lib/soju
	cp -f soju sojuctl $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(BINDIR)
	cp -f soju sojudb $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(BINDIR)
	cp -f doc/soju.1 $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/$(MANDIR)/man1
	[ -f $(config_path) ] || cp -f config.in $(config_path)

.PHONY: soju sojuctl clean install
.PHONY: soju sojudb clean install

R cmd/sojuctl/main.go => cmd/sojudb/main.go +1 -1
@@ 16,7 16,7 @@ import (

const usage = `usage: sojuctl [-config path] <action> [options...]
const usage = `usage: sojudb [-config path] <action> [options...]

  create-user <username> [-admin]  Create a new user
  change-password <username>       Change password for a user

M doc/getting-started.md => doc/getting-started.md +1 -1
@@ 7,7 7,7 @@ Alternatively, you can compile it from source (see the [README]).

To create an admin user and start soju, run these commands:

    sojuctl create-user <soju username> -admin
    sojudb create-user <soju username> -admin
    soju -listen irc+insecure://

soju will listen for unencrypted IRC connections on the default port. This is