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@@ 31,8 31,16 @@ A [Weechat script] is available to provide better integration with soju.
The script will automatically connect to all of your networks once a
single connection to soju is set up in Weechat.

# [Hexchat]

Hexchat has support for a small set of IRCv3 capabilities. To prevent automatically reconnecting to channels parted from soju, and prevent buffering outgoing messages:

    /set irc_reconnect_rejoin off
    /set net_throttle off

[IRCv3 support tables]: https://ircv3.net/software/clients
[gamja]: https://sr.ht/~emersion/gamja/
[senpai]: https://sr.ht/~taiite/senpai/
[Weechat]: https://weechat.org/
[Weechat script]: https://github.com/weechat/scripts/blob/master/python/soju.py
[Hexchat]: https://hexchat.github.io/