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@@ 4,6 4,44 @@ This page describes how to configure IRC clients to better integrate with soju.

Also see the [IRCv3 support tables] for a more general list of clients.

# [Emacs]

There are two clients provided with Emacs. They require some setup to work

## Erc

You need to explicitly set the username, which is the defcustom

(setq erc-email-userid "<username>/irc.libera.chat") ;; Example with Libera.Chat
(defun run-erc ()
  (erc-tls :server "<server>"
           :port 6697
           :nick "<nick>"
           :password "<password>"))

Then run `M-x run-erc`.

## Rcirc

The only thing needed here is the general config:

(setq rcirc-server-alist
         :port 6697
         :encryption tls
         :nick "<nick>"
         :user-name "<username>/irc.libera.chat" ;; Example with Libera.Chat
         :password "<password>")))

Then run `M-x irc`.

# [gamja]

gamja has been designed together with soju, so should have excellent

@@ 45,3 83,4 @@ See `/help cap` for more information.
[Weechat]: https://weechat.org/
[Weechat script]: https://github.com/weechat/scripts/blob/master/python/soju.py
[Hexchat]: https://hexchat.github.io/
[Emacs]: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/