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doc: document the network update command
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@@ 139,13 139,20 @@ abbreviated form, for instance *network* can be abbreviated as *net* or just
		Connect with the specified nickname. By default, the account's username
		is used.

*network update* <name> [options...]
	Update an existing network. The options are the same as the
	_network create_ command.

	When this command is executed, soju will disconnect and re-connect to the

*network delete* <name>
	Disconnect and delete a network.

*network status*
	Show a list of saved networks and their current status.

*certfp generate* *[options...]* <network name>
*certfp generate* [options...] <network name>
	Generate self-signed certificate and use it for authentication.

	Generates RSA-3072 private key by default.