Migrate to gitlab.freedesktop.org
Upgrade go-kdf

Gives us a few Vulkan multi-planar formats.
Upgrade dependencies
template/index: link to project hub
template/index: link to Pixel Format Guide
Add support for DRM packed YUV formats

- Upgrade go-kdf
- Split sample channels with different position
- Add colors for U/V channels
Hide LE/BE lists when empty and common list isn't empty
Hide compatible formats with swapped endianness

Hide LE formats compatible with a BE format, and the other way

This information could be useful but it'd be pretty niche and is
just confusing.
Merge compatible format lists when appropriate
Use colors for channels in memory layout
Drop copyKDFBlock

Upstream go-kdf has a method for this now.
Retain color model when finding compatible formats
Ignore pre-mult alpha flag when finding compatible formats
Upgrade go-kdf

Fixes DRM_FORMAT_R10/R12.
Remove unused numSubscript function
Add support for multi-planar formats