meson: fix FreeBSD -Wl,--version-script detection
d3439724 — Martin Kühl 2 years ago
Bump required meson version

`has_link_argument` and `has_multi_link_arguments` require meson >= 0.46
9951bc40 — Martin Kühl 2 years ago
Support clang linker using -exported_symbols_list

Detection for `-exported_symbol` doesn't work,
and it doesn't accept wildcards anyway.
Use `-exported_symbols_list`, which works and is documented.

Fixes #78
Add support for macOS ld
ci: migrate source repos to sr.ht
Error out when getcwd fails
meson: group add_project_arguments calls
Initialize file descriptors
test: make ulimit.sh POSIX-compliant
builtin: fix ulimit printing
Implemented ulimit builtin
Implement case clause
783dd27a — Pavel Shlyak 2 years ago
Fix typo

https://github.com/emersion/mrsh/issues/73 part 2
unspecified.c: don't abort in interactive shells
Check return value of times against (clock_t)-1

Fixes #76
Abort when unspecified commands are attempted
Switch FreeBSD build to freebsd/latest
Remove unnecessary argc check from cd

This check was preventing the no-argument form of cd from executing.
1af38099 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Adding getopt implementation

It's pretty simple but I think it covers all of items described in the
22232fa4 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Adding handling of symbolic arguments to umask