ref: ac201b690420782d7e320c9060a875a2201a7ead mrsh/meson.build -rw-r--r-- 4.1 KiB
Implement 'wait' builtin
Add command -v builtin.
builtin: add bg
builtin: add fg
job: init shell for job control

This includes putting the shell into its own process group, waiting for it to
be in the foreground, overriding the default signal handlers and grabbing
control of the terminal. We need to restore the default signal handlers in
children processes.
meson: allow switch fallthrough with a comment
meson: use feature options
meson: enable more compiler warnings
67b65308 — Koushik Roy 2 years ago
Change the multiline check to a single line check for backwards compatibility (#87)

* Use Parens for the multiline check in the Meson file

* Make the conditional a single line
Add shell/entry.c
meson: fix FreeBSD -Wl,--version-script detection
7301b28c — Martin Kühl 2 years ago
Bump required meson version

`has_link_argument` and `has_multi_link_arguments` require meson >= 0.46
640d1c2d — Martin Kühl 2 years ago
Support clang linker using -exported_symbols_list

Detection for `-exported_symbol` doesn't work,
and it doesn't accept wildcards anyway.
Use `-exported_symbols_list`, which works and is documented.

Fixes #78
Add support for macOS ld
meson: group add_project_arguments calls
Implemented ulimit builtin
Implement case clause
Abort when unspecified commands are attempted
1af38099 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Adding getopt implementation

It's pretty simple but I think it covers all of items described in the
44efa8a8 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Very basic umask implementation

Doesn't yet support the -S flag, or symbolic modes, but does allow for
getting and setting the umask.