ref: ac201b690420782d7e320c9060a875a2201a7ead mrsh/include/builtin.h -rw-r--r-- 1.9 KiB
Implement 'wait' builtin
Add command -v builtin.
builtin: add bg
builtin: add fg
21468dfb — Cristian Adrián Ontivero 2 years ago
Rename *_func_t types to *_func

POSIX reserves the _t suffix, so it's advisable to avoid it.
Implemented ulimit builtin
Abort when unspecified commands are attempted
44efa8a8 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Very basic umask implementation

Doesn't yet support the -S flag, or symbolic modes, but does allow for
getting and setting the umask.
Rename source builtin to dot

For consistency with POSIX
Don't use reserved identifiers for include guards
3c59ae46 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/type: implement type builtin
9d5ca300 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/unalias: implement unalias builtin
625ff377 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/getopts: implement getopts builtin
a27dfd54 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/read: implement basic read builtin
f4f0d822 — delthas 3 years ago
Implement pwd builtin
Partially implement unset builtin

It's missing the ability to unset functions
Implement export builtin
Implement 'shift' builtin
Implement true, false builtins
builtin: introduce mrsh_process_args