ref: ac201b690420782d7e320c9060a875a2201a7ead mrsh/builtin/builtin.c -rw-r--r-- 4.6 KiB
Implement 'wait' builtin
Add command -v builtin.
builtin: add bg
builtin: add fg
21468dfb — Cristian Adrián Ontivero 2 years ago
Rename *_func_t types to *_func

POSIX reserves the _t suffix, so it's advisable to avoid it.
Implemented ulimit builtin
Abort when unspecified commands are attempted
44efa8a8 — Ben Brown 2 years ago
Very basic umask implementation

Doesn't yet support the -S flag, or symbolic modes, but does allow for
getting and setting the umask.
Rename source builtin to dot

For consistency with POSIX
3c59ae46 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/type: implement type builtin
9d5ca300 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/unalias: implement unalias builtin
625ff377 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/getopts: implement getopts builtin
a27dfd54 — delthas 3 years ago
builtin/read: implement basic read builtin
f4f0d822 — delthas 3 years ago
Implement pwd builtin
Partially implement unset builtin

It's missing the ability to unset functions
Implement readonly builtin
Implement export builtin
Implement 'shift' builtin
Implement true, false builtins
cd is not a special builtin