ref: 28130e19749387537563ec7fe9b2ed3c4ea6c41e mrsh/test/meson.build -rw-r--r-- 511 bytes
test: fix Meson tests

The fullpath was given as the test name, instead of as an argument.
Add configure script and Makefile

The configure script is POSIX sh and the Makefile is POSIX make.
test: add basic async list tests
test: add word.sh
test: rename word.sh to syntax.sh
test: add pipeline

The two last tests are disabled because they don't pass.
Add command -v builtin.
Implemented ulimit builtin
Implement case clause
Initial implementation of functions

Still to come:

- I/O redirection
- Pushing argv/argc
- return
Implement for loop
Refactor tests and introduce conformance tests

This establishes test/conformance/, which contains tests which
exhaustively test each feature for comformance with the POSIX
specification down to the last detail. These tests should be useful for
verifying other shells as well, and do not require a test harness or a
reference shell (we still use both, though).

I'll DRY this up a bit once we support functions.
test: add basic subshell test
Add very basic test suite