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      A minimal POSIX shell.
        <li>POSIX compliant, no less, no more</li>
        <li>Simple, readable code without magic</li>
        <li>Library to build more elaborate shells</li>
      mrsh provides a binary suitable as <code>/bin/sh</code> and a library
      for building new shells.
    <h2>mrsh shell</h2>
      The mrsh shell is strictly POSIX compliant, encouraging users to write
      portable shell scripts. Optional readline/libedit support is included to
      provide a comfortable interactive shell.
      libmrsh provides you the pieces necessary to build your own POSIX shell
      frontends. The standalone parser can be used to obtain a shell AST, which
      can be fed into our task runner to execute the script. The code is simple
      &amp; portable, with no external dependencies outside of POSIX C99.
    <p>Still to come...</p>