readme: add general project overview
Liveness: extract liveness from Ertltree to its own module
Ertl, Ltl, Asm: fix arguments pushed on stack
Ertl: fix number of params in registers in Ecall
Asm: fix label no emitted on mmov with two identical registers
Asm: implement div, fix mul
Execute X86-64 code in Makefile
tests: compile with -no-pie, add a timeout
Asm: fix assembler errors
Ltl: fix transitive interferences
build: disable tests to prevent never ending builds
Ltl: fix misaligned stack access
Ltl: remove prefs when adding intfs
Ltl: never put a physical register on the stack
Ltl: use tmp registers if needed for load and store
Ltl: don't update %rsp when unneeded
Ertl: fix Ecall

Spent 2h figuring out this bug was due to undefined evaluation
order of function call arguments.
Run tests on CI build, ignore if they fail