v1.3.0 3 months ago

kanshi v1.3.0

This release adds an IPC interface with a kanshictl utility,
improves make-model-serial matching, and fixes a handful of bugs.

libvarlink is a new optional dependency.

Ivan Oleynikov (2):
      Upgrade wlr-output-management-unstable-v1.xml to version 2
      Improve the make-model-serial matching of outputs

Jason Francis (4):
      Factor out event loop.
      Add signal handlers to reload the config.
      Add optional varlink interface.
      Add kanshictl utility.

Kljunas2 (1):
      Update url in man pages

Mayeul Cantan (1):
      parser: support single quotation marks

Oğuz Ersen (1):
      man: fix wrong section headers

Simon Ser (10):
      readme: add links to SourceHut
      readme: fix mailing list link
      readme: finish migration to SourceHut
      Clear pending profile
      Retry to apply profile immediately if we received done
      Support output-management version 3 release requests
      build: stop using sh to invoke scdoc
      build: remove unnecessary join_paths invocation
      build: fix indentation
      build: bump version to 1.3.0

Érico Nogueira (3):
      Don't strdup command line arguments.
      Clean up exec_command.
      Add CI step to test build without varlink.