v1.6.0 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.6.0

Note for packagers: libscfg is a new dependency.

Simon Ser (8):
      Fix memory leaks on exit
      Switch to scfg
      readme: add ircs:// link for IRC channel
      Add support for output blocks
      doc: document output blocks
      Include line numbers in error messages
      Define _POSIX_C_SOURCE globally
      build: bump version to 1.6.0

v1.5.1 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.5.1

Andrew J. Hesford (1):
      Forget current profile on match_and_apply failure

Simon Ser (1):
      build: bump version to 1.5.1

v1.5.0 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.5.0

Brett Cornwall (1):
      ctl: Add missing newline on usage output

Simon Ser (12):
      Bind to output manager v3 if v4 isn't supported
      Check wl_display_roundtrip() return value
      Return error in apply_profile()
      Wait for output configuration events when handling IPC calls
      ctl: make wait_for_event() static
      Fix missing IPC reply on config reload error
      ci: fix Git URL
      ci: use meson setup
      build: find wayland-scanner via pkg-config
      build: drop unnecessary intermediate protocols library
      build: switch to C11
      build: bump to v1.5.0

dezeroku (1):
      Add support for custom modes

v1.4.0 9 months ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.4.0

Luis Pabon (1):
      Fix compilation error due to unused variable when KANSHI_HAS_VARLINK isn't truthy

Simon Ser (16):
      man: add angle-brackets around URLs
      Remove unnecessary wl_display_dispatch()
      Add --listen-fd
      man: fix indentation of code blocks
      man: improve kanshictl page layout
      Simplify config_handle_succeeded() a bit
      Keep current profile if it still matches
      Add kanshictl switch
      ctl: print human-friendly errors
      protocol: bump wlr-output-management-unstable-v1 to version 4
      Add support for adaptive sync
      Move man pages to doc/
      gitignore: drop build dir patterns, add subprojects
      build: add summary
      build: drop unnecessary include_directories()
      build: bump version to 1.4.0

ookami (1):
      Reset errno before calling fgetc

v1.3.1 1 year, 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.3.1

Joshua Ashton (1):
      Pick lowest delta when fuzzy matching refreshes

Simon Ser (2):
      Fall back to "Unknown" when make/model/serial is unset
      build: bump version to 1.3.1

v1.3.0 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.3.0

This release adds an IPC interface with a kanshictl utility,
improves make-model-serial matching, and fixes a handful of bugs.

libvarlink is a new optional dependency.

Ivan Oleynikov (2):
      Upgrade wlr-output-management-unstable-v1.xml to version 2
      Improve the make-model-serial matching of outputs

Jason Francis (4):
      Factor out event loop.
      Add signal handlers to reload the config.
      Add optional varlink interface.
      Add kanshictl utility.

Kljunas2 (1):
      Update url in man pages

Mayeul Cantan (1):
      parser: support single quotation marks

Oğuz Ersen (1):
      man: fix wrong section headers

Simon Ser (10):
      readme: add links to SourceHut
      readme: fix mailing list link
      readme: finish migration to SourceHut
      Clear pending profile
      Retry to apply profile immediately if we received done
      Support output-management version 3 release requests
      build: stop using sh to invoke scdoc
      build: remove unnecessary join_paths invocation
      build: fix indentation
      build: bump version to 1.3.0

Érico Nogueira (3):
      Don't strdup command line arguments.
      Clean up exec_command.
      Add CI step to test build without varlink.

v1.2.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.2.0

This release adds an `include` directive and allows users to specify
the config file path as a CLI argument. A few bug fixes are also

Antonin Décimo (1):
      parser: print errno when failing to open the config file

Ariadne Conill (1):
      parser: explicitly initialize key (kanshi_output_field) to 0

Diego Rabatone Oliveira (1):
      [man 5] Add blockquotes to ensure line break

Guillaume Maudoux (1):
      Properly reap children to avoid zombies

Jan Beich (1):
      Add missing header after 5a30abdf0b3b

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      Accept user-specified config path
      Add 'include' directive to read additional configs

Nenad Stojanovikj (1):
      Add the 'profile' directive in kanshi(5) examples

Nicolas Cornu (1):
      readme: move to Libera Chat

Simon Ser (2):
      readme: switch to new profile syntax
      build: bump version to 1.2.0

Érico Rolim (1):
      parser: use abort() instead of assert(0).

v1.1.0 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.1.0

This release contains bug fixes and allows users to add profile names
and comments in the configuration file.

Bartosz Taczała (1):
      Add support for comments in configuration file

Guillaume Maudoux (2):
      Allow names to distinguish configurations
      Add `exec` to execute commands when a configuration is matched

James Walmsley (2):
      Be tolerant to matching refresh rates that are a few points off.
      Select highest refresh rate for selected mode when none is specified.

Martin Michlmayr (2):
      Fix typo in man page
      Use correct formatting for variable in man page

Michael Aquilina (1):
      Specify correct version in meson.build

Rikard Falkeborn (1):
      Fix parser_next_token return value

Simon Ser (2):
      Require profiles with a name to have a profile directive
      Bump to v1.1.0

v1.0.0 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

kanshi v1.0.0

This is the first kanshi release.