v0.4.0 4 months ago

hut v0.4.0

This release introduces a handful of new features and includes bug
fixes (in particular, for authentication errors when fetching logs).

- Pagination is now supported for all commands.
- todo trackers can now be exported.
- Comments are now displayed when showing a todo ticket.
- Sharing builds secrets is now supported.
- A new command to display lists subscriptions has been added.
- The graphql command can perform file uploads.

Full commit history below.

Benjamin Pollack (1):
      pager: honor $PAGER

Jackson Chen (1):
      hut init: early check if config already exists

Simon Ser (21):
      Upgrade dependencies
      Remove golang.org/x/oauth2
      Upgrade dependencies
      srht: re-generate
      todo ticket show: display comments
      ci: ignore generated GraphQL files in gofmt check
      builds: skip empty job notes
      builds: pass Client as argument
      builds: use authenticated client to fetch logs
      contrib: Add script to update schemas
      lists: add support for e-mail address syntax for list names
      doc: add paragraph about resource references
      export: print service name outside of Export function
      export: drop Exporter.Name
      export: drop Exporter.BaseURL
      export: return cobra.Command directly
      export: fix info type typo in TodoExporter.exportTracker
      export: add common writeJSON function
      graphql: add support for file uploads
      builds show: print job group status
      Fix panic when access-token-cmd returns an empty string

Thorben G√ľnther (65):
      builds: Update schema
      Write logs to stderr
      builds submit: Support visibility
      builds resubmit: Support visibility
      doc: Fix builds (re)submit options
      paste: Fix paste ID completion
      builds secrets: Display type
      git create: Correctly handle empty description
      export/paste: Add pagination
      builds secrets: Support pagination
      meta audit-log: Support pagination
      meta audit-log: Improve output
      meta user-webhook list: Support pagination
      export/git: Add pagination
      export/builds: Use http client authentication for gettings logs
      export/builds: Also export job visibility
      export/builds: Add pagination
      export/hg: Support pagination
      export/lists: Support pagination
      export/meta: Support pagination
      paste list: Support pagination
      paste user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists: Add subscriptions
      builds list: Fix pagination
      builds user-webhook list: Support pagination
      hg user-webhok list: Support pagination
      todo ticket list: Support pagination
      todo label list: Support pagination
      hg/builds user-webhook list: Actually print to pager
      todo user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists: Rename variable
      todo ticket webhook list: Support pagination
      todo webhook list: Support pagination
      todo acl list: Handle owner
      todo acl list: Support pagination
      lists user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists webhook list: Support pagination
      git acl list: Handle owner
      lists patchset apply: Support pagination
      lists acl list: Handle owner
      lists acl list: Support pagination
      lists patchset show: Support pagination
      lists patchset list: Support pagination
      git user-webhook list: Support pagination
      git acl list: Support pagination
      pages list: Support pagination
      pages user-webhook list: Support pagination
      meta ssh-key list: Support pagination
      meta pgp-key list: Support pagination
      meta {ssh,pgp}-key list: Improve output
      git/completeArtifacts: Handle owner
      export/todo: Fix query
      export: fix info type typo in TodoExporter.exportTracker
      export/todo: Save tracker description, visibility
      export/todo: Skip tracker if dump already exists
      builds: Update schema
      builds secrets: Indicate if a secret was shared
      builds show: Remove SSH connection string
      lists: Improve patchset completion
      builds: Replace "secrets" with "secret list"
      hut git update: Support clearing custom README
      printMailingListSubscription: Remove unused parameter
      builds secret: Add share
      builds secret share: Implement secret completion
      builds secret share: Implement user completion

delthas (3):
      export: add support for todo
      Use a common info.json metadata file
      export/hg: don't use .git suffix for repository dir