v0.3.0 a month ago

hut v0.3.0

This release adds a bunch of new features and updates the API
schema to upstream's latest version.

- Pagination is now supported across the board.
- Improved support for Web hooks.
- builds: add --edit to adjust build manifests using an editor before
  submitting, add artifacts sub-command, improve support for labels.
- todo: add sub-command to create a new ticket and show a ticket.
- git: add sub-command to update repository settings.
- pages: the publish sub-command can now take directories as input and
  supports advanced site configuration.
- lists: add sub-command to fetch archives.

Full commit history below.

Dmitry Bogatov (1):
      hut-git-update: add option to set repository description

Moritz Poldrack (1):
      builds: fix error when complete-build is used

Simon Ser (15):
      todo: drop unnecessary newline
      Upgrade dependencies
      go fmt
      builds submit: add --edit
      Use gqlclient.Time
      todo ticket create: new command
      Set User-Agent
      pages publish: add support for directories
      Split client logic into separate file
      Move InstanceConfig method near the type definition
      Lazily load config and cache it in context
      builds submit: fix .builds/ glob
      builds submit: allow missing input manifest with --edit
      git: iterate over all remote URLs in guessGitRepoName
      git: simplify getRepoName

Thorben Günther (39):
      todo/tickets: Support neutral "closed" resolution
      todo ticket update-status: Use CLOSED as default resolution
      git: Add update
      git update: Support setting custom README
      builds list: Support other owners
      readme: Use only master branch for CI status badge
      Remove deprecated ioutil package
      Run gofmt
      todo: Add ticket show
      lists: Conform with new schema
      git: Conform with new schema
      pages publish: Use longer timeout
      export: Clarify usage
      lists: Add archive
      lists archive: Support last days
      webhook list: Remove events and query
      lists: Implement mailing list completion
      pages publish: Add flag to read siteConfigFile
      pages publish: Deprecate not-found flag
      builds: Add artifacts
      Switch from timeDelta to humanize.Time
      git artifact upload: Increase timeout
      builds: Update schema
      lists: Add mailing list webhook create
      lists: Add mailing list webhook list
      lists: Add mailing list webhook delete
      builds: Add user-webhook create
      builds: Add user-webhook list
      builds: Add user-webhook delete
      webhooks: Remove unnecessary nil checks
      todo: Update schema
      meta: Update schema
      hg: Update schema
      todo label delete: Use label name instead of ID
      todo label list: Remove ID
      todo: Add ticket label
      todo: Add ticket unlabel
      todo label delete: Add label completion
      doc: Clarify export usage

Vlad-Stefan Harbuz (2):
      init: trim oauth2 token
      Add pager