v0.2.0 1 year, 8 months ago

hut v0.2.0

Colin Arnott (1):
      pages publish: accept archive from stdin

Drew DeVault (8):
      export: new subcommand
      export: add git.sr.ht support
      export: skip already-exported services
      export: add hg.sr.ht support
      export: clone repos via SSH
      export: add lists.sr.ht support
      export: add builds.sr.ht support
      export: add paste.sr.ht support

Gregory Anders (1):
      paste: allow specifying name when reading from stdin

Habib Alamin (2):
      Fix BSD install error when mixing `-d` and `-C` (via `-p`)
      Fix BSD install error when using `-t` option

Sebastian LaVine (2):
      config: Error-check AccessToken before service origin URL loop
      Replace duplicated code with new stripProtocol() function

Simon Ser (12):
      readme: link to IRC channel
      git artifact upload: accept multiple filenames
      readme: add link to sr.ht project
      builds/{resubmit,show}: add completions
      Disable date/time log prefix
      paste list: don't crash on nameless file
      man: fix missing arg name
      lists patchset show: new subcommand
      pages publish: use cmd.MarkFlagRequired
      pages unpublish: use cmd.MarkFlagRequired
      Use cobra.FixedCompletions
      pages publish: unset filename for stdin, set MIME type

Thorben G√ľnther (67):
      man page: Add missing git show
      todo: Improve ticket ID completion
      git: Improve webhook event completion
      builds: Update schema
      builds: Fix tasks/tags handling
      builds submit: Add tags flag
      builds: Add missing completion and args directives
      patchset list: Further improve output
      git: Add missing completion directives
      git: Expose error in getRepoName
      todo: Expose error in getTrackerName
      todo: Add create
      lists: Add create
      hg: Update schema
      hg: Add create
      hg/git/todo create: Set default visibility to public
      todo: Conform with new schema
      hg: Add delete
      lists acl list: Improve output
      git acl list: Improve output
      todo acl list: Improve output
      todo label create: Support a few colors in completion
      todo: Update schema
      todo: Add ticket delete
      builds cancel, paste delete: Improve completion
      paste delete: Accept URLs
      Add first parsing tests
      parsePatchID: Improve instance detection
      lists: Expose error in getMailingListName
      Use new function to read webhook queries
      todo: Add ticket webhook create
      todo: Add ticket webhook delete
      git: Change webhook command handling
      lists: Conform with new schema
      lists list: Add visibility
      lists: Add user-webhook create
      lists: Add user-webhook list
      lists: Add user-webhook delete
      todo: Add user-webhook create
      todo: Add user-webhook list
      todo: Add user-webhook delete
      meta: Add user-webhook create
      meta: Add user-webhook list
      meta: Add user-webhook delete
      hg: Add user-webhook create
      hg: Add user-webhook list
      hg: Add user-webhook delete
      meta: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      git: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      lists: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      hg: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      todo: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      todo: Add ticket webhook list
      webhooks: Read query after events are parsed
      todo: Fix user webhook ID completion
      paste: Conform with new schema
      pages: Update schema
      builds: Improve secret list output
      paste: Add user-webhook create
      paste: Add user-webhook list
      paste: Add user-webhook delete
      pages: Add user-webhook create
      pages: Add user-webhook list
      pages: Add user-webhook delete
      todo: Add tracker webhook create
      todo: Add tracker webhook list
      todo: Add tracker webhook delete