v0.5.0 9 days ago .tar.gz browse log

hut v0.5.0

Simon Ser (11):
      Upgrade dependencies
      Update GraphQL schema
      Upgrade hg schema
      export/lists: add visibility
      export/paste: ignore empty filenames
      export/meta: write info.json file
      export: fix writeExportStamp return value
      client: remove unused Client.Hostname
      import: accept multiple directories
      config: use scfg decoder to read config file
      todo ticket edit: new command

Thorben Günther (2):
      todo ticket list: Add status filtering
      pager/editor: Use shlex to parse command

delthas (5):
      export/git: add readme and head
      export/hg: add readme and nonPublishing
      Add the import command
      export: Support specifying services and resources
      import: Fix wrong import path

v0.4.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

hut v0.4.0

This release introduces a handful of new features and includes bug
fixes (in particular, for authentication errors when fetching logs).

- Pagination is now supported for all commands.
- todo trackers can now be exported.
- Comments are now displayed when showing a todo ticket.
- Sharing builds secrets is now supported.
- A new command to display lists subscriptions has been added.
- The graphql command can perform file uploads.

Full commit history below.

Benjamin Pollack (1):
      pager: honor $PAGER

Jackson Chen (1):
      hut init: early check if config already exists

Simon Ser (21):
      Upgrade dependencies
      Remove golang.org/x/oauth2
      Upgrade dependencies
      srht: re-generate
      todo ticket show: display comments
      ci: ignore generated GraphQL files in gofmt check
      builds: skip empty job notes
      builds: pass Client as argument
      builds: use authenticated client to fetch logs
      contrib: Add script to update schemas
      lists: add support for e-mail address syntax for list names
      doc: add paragraph about resource references
      export: print service name outside of Export function
      export: drop Exporter.Name
      export: drop Exporter.BaseURL
      export: return cobra.Command directly
      export: fix info type typo in TodoExporter.exportTracker
      export: add common writeJSON function
      graphql: add support for file uploads
      builds show: print job group status
      Fix panic when access-token-cmd returns an empty string

Thorben Günther (65):
      builds: Update schema
      Write logs to stderr
      builds submit: Support visibility
      builds resubmit: Support visibility
      doc: Fix builds (re)submit options
      paste: Fix paste ID completion
      builds secrets: Display type
      git create: Correctly handle empty description
      export/paste: Add pagination
      builds secrets: Support pagination
      meta audit-log: Support pagination
      meta audit-log: Improve output
      meta user-webhook list: Support pagination
      export/git: Add pagination
      export/builds: Use http client authentication for gettings logs
      export/builds: Also export job visibility
      export/builds: Add pagination
      export/hg: Support pagination
      export/lists: Support pagination
      export/meta: Support pagination
      paste list: Support pagination
      paste user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists: Add subscriptions
      builds list: Fix pagination
      builds user-webhook list: Support pagination
      hg user-webhok list: Support pagination
      todo ticket list: Support pagination
      todo label list: Support pagination
      hg/builds user-webhook list: Actually print to pager
      todo user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists: Rename variable
      todo ticket webhook list: Support pagination
      todo webhook list: Support pagination
      todo acl list: Handle owner
      todo acl list: Support pagination
      lists user-webhook list: Support pagination
      lists webhook list: Support pagination
      git acl list: Handle owner
      lists patchset apply: Support pagination
      lists acl list: Handle owner
      lists acl list: Support pagination
      lists patchset show: Support pagination
      lists patchset list: Support pagination
      git user-webhook list: Support pagination
      git acl list: Support pagination
      pages list: Support pagination
      pages user-webhook list: Support pagination
      meta ssh-key list: Support pagination
      meta pgp-key list: Support pagination
      meta {ssh,pgp}-key list: Improve output
      git/completeArtifacts: Handle owner
      export/todo: Fix query
      export: fix info type typo in TodoExporter.exportTracker
      export/todo: Save tracker description, visibility
      export/todo: Skip tracker if dump already exists
      builds: Update schema
      builds secrets: Indicate if a secret was shared
      builds show: Remove SSH connection string
      lists: Improve patchset completion
      builds: Replace "secrets" with "secret list"
      hut git update: Support clearing custom README
      printMailingListSubscription: Remove unused parameter
      builds secret: Add share
      builds secret share: Implement secret completion
      builds secret share: Implement user completion

delthas (3):
      export: add support for todo
      Use a common info.json metadata file
      export/hg: don't use .git suffix for repository dir

v0.3.0 1 year, 1 month ago .tar.gz browse log

hut v0.3.0

This release adds a bunch of new features and updates the API
schema to upstream's latest version.

- Pagination is now supported across the board.
- Improved support for Web hooks.
- builds: add --edit to adjust build manifests using an editor before
  submitting, add artifacts sub-command, improve support for labels.
- todo: add sub-command to create a new ticket and show a ticket.
- git: add sub-command to update repository settings.
- pages: the publish sub-command can now take directories as input and
  supports advanced site configuration.
- lists: add sub-command to fetch archives.

Full commit history below.

Dmitry Bogatov (1):
      hut-git-update: add option to set repository description

Moritz Poldrack (1):
      builds: fix error when complete-build is used

Simon Ser (15):
      todo: drop unnecessary newline
      Upgrade dependencies
      go fmt
      builds submit: add --edit
      Use gqlclient.Time
      todo ticket create: new command
      Set User-Agent
      pages publish: add support for directories
      Split client logic into separate file
      Move InstanceConfig method near the type definition
      Lazily load config and cache it in context
      builds submit: fix .builds/ glob
      builds submit: allow missing input manifest with --edit
      git: iterate over all remote URLs in guessGitRepoName
      git: simplify getRepoName

Thorben Günther (39):
      todo/tickets: Support neutral "closed" resolution
      todo ticket update-status: Use CLOSED as default resolution
      git: Add update
      git update: Support setting custom README
      builds list: Support other owners
      readme: Use only master branch for CI status badge
      Remove deprecated ioutil package
      Run gofmt
      todo: Add ticket show
      lists: Conform with new schema
      git: Conform with new schema
      pages publish: Use longer timeout
      export: Clarify usage
      lists: Add archive
      lists archive: Support last days
      webhook list: Remove events and query
      lists: Implement mailing list completion
      pages publish: Add flag to read siteConfigFile
      pages publish: Deprecate not-found flag
      builds: Add artifacts
      Switch from timeDelta to humanize.Time
      git artifact upload: Increase timeout
      builds: Update schema
      lists: Add mailing list webhook create
      lists: Add mailing list webhook list
      lists: Add mailing list webhook delete
      builds: Add user-webhook create
      builds: Add user-webhook list
      builds: Add user-webhook delete
      webhooks: Remove unnecessary nil checks
      todo: Update schema
      meta: Update schema
      hg: Update schema
      todo label delete: Use label name instead of ID
      todo label list: Remove ID
      todo: Add ticket label
      todo: Add ticket unlabel
      todo label delete: Add label completion
      doc: Clarify export usage

Vlad-Stefan Harbuz (2):
      init: trim oauth2 token
      Add pager

v0.2.0 1 year, 9 months ago .tar.gz browse log

hut v0.2.0

Colin Arnott (1):
      pages publish: accept archive from stdin

Drew DeVault (8):
      export: new subcommand
      export: add git.sr.ht support
      export: skip already-exported services
      export: add hg.sr.ht support
      export: clone repos via SSH
      export: add lists.sr.ht support
      export: add builds.sr.ht support
      export: add paste.sr.ht support

Gregory Anders (1):
      paste: allow specifying name when reading from stdin

Habib Alamin (2):
      Fix BSD install error when mixing `-d` and `-C` (via `-p`)
      Fix BSD install error when using `-t` option

Sebastian LaVine (2):
      config: Error-check AccessToken before service origin URL loop
      Replace duplicated code with new stripProtocol() function

Simon Ser (12):
      readme: link to IRC channel
      git artifact upload: accept multiple filenames
      readme: add link to sr.ht project
      builds/{resubmit,show}: add completions
      Disable date/time log prefix
      paste list: don't crash on nameless file
      man: fix missing arg name
      lists patchset show: new subcommand
      pages publish: use cmd.MarkFlagRequired
      pages unpublish: use cmd.MarkFlagRequired
      Use cobra.FixedCompletions
      pages publish: unset filename for stdin, set MIME type

Thorben Günther (67):
      man page: Add missing git show
      todo: Improve ticket ID completion
      git: Improve webhook event completion
      builds: Update schema
      builds: Fix tasks/tags handling
      builds submit: Add tags flag
      builds: Add missing completion and args directives
      patchset list: Further improve output
      git: Add missing completion directives
      git: Expose error in getRepoName
      todo: Expose error in getTrackerName
      todo: Add create
      lists: Add create
      hg: Update schema
      hg: Add create
      hg/git/todo create: Set default visibility to public
      todo: Conform with new schema
      hg: Add delete
      lists acl list: Improve output
      git acl list: Improve output
      todo acl list: Improve output
      todo label create: Support a few colors in completion
      todo: Update schema
      todo: Add ticket delete
      builds cancel, paste delete: Improve completion
      paste delete: Accept URLs
      Add first parsing tests
      parsePatchID: Improve instance detection
      lists: Expose error in getMailingListName
      Use new function to read webhook queries
      todo: Add ticket webhook create
      todo: Add ticket webhook delete
      git: Change webhook command handling
      lists: Conform with new schema
      lists list: Add visibility
      lists: Add user-webhook create
      lists: Add user-webhook list
      lists: Add user-webhook delete
      todo: Add user-webhook create
      todo: Add user-webhook list
      todo: Add user-webhook delete
      meta: Add user-webhook create
      meta: Add user-webhook list
      meta: Add user-webhook delete
      hg: Add user-webhook create
      hg: Add user-webhook list
      hg: Add user-webhook delete
      meta: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      git: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      lists: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      hg: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      todo: Implement user-webhook ID completion
      todo: Add ticket webhook list
      webhooks: Read query after events are parsed
      todo: Fix user webhook ID completion
      paste: Conform with new schema
      pages: Update schema
      builds: Improve secret list output
      paste: Add user-webhook create
      paste: Add user-webhook list
      paste: Add user-webhook delete
      pages: Add user-webhook create
      pages: Add user-webhook list
      pages: Add user-webhook delete
      todo: Add tracker webhook create
      todo: Add tracker webhook list
      todo: Add tracker webhook delete

v0.1.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

hut v0.1.0

This is the first hut release.

Dhruvin Gandhi (3):
      pages: Update the schema
      pages publish: Add subdirectory flag
      pages publish: Add --not-found

Hugo Machet (2):
      doc: Add man page
      Add Makefile

Humm (1):
      bring Makefile closer to perfection

James Pearson (1):
      Improve README.md

Maxwell G (1):
      Makefile: Add completions and uninstall targets

Renato Torres (1):
      git: add show

Sebastian LaVine (3):
      Direct users without a config to use the man page example
      builds submit, resubmit: Add -n note flag
      Fix formatting with `go fmt`

Simon Ser (114):
      Initial commit
      Add support for multi-file pastes
      Print paste URL
      Add context timeout
      Drop Entity hack
      Drop replace directive from go.mod
      Add build subcommand
      Upgrade git.sr.ht/~emersion/gqlclient
      Move generated code to pastesrht sub-package
      Use code generation for pastesrht query
      Use codegen for builds.sr.ht
      Add --follow to build submission
      Add README for srht package
      readme: add a building section
      srht: add fallback // +build comment
      Split commands into per-service files
      Fix typos in command usage
      readme: add builds.sr.ht badge
      readme: linkify heading
      Auto-detect repo name
      git artifact: turn revision flag into arg
      pages publish: use cobra.ExactArgs
      doc: expand "builds submit" description
      Revert "git artifact: turn revision flag into arg"
      git artifact: use cobra.ExactArgs
      Add basic graphql command
      doc: minor formatting touch-ups
      builds show: set max number of args
      builds: use circle as icon for pending jobs
      Add "meta show" command
      builds list: improve formatting a bit
      builds show: improve formatting a bit
      builds list: show status icon, add newline before note
      builds: use black circle for running tasks and jobs
      Simplify parseInt32
      builds show: use separate GraphQL query for last job ID
      builds list: show task statuses
      builds cancel: fix usage string
      doc: use underline style for $EDITOR
      Hide "completions" command generated by cobra
      Exit with non-zero status on invalid command
      builds show: error out properly on invalid job ID
      builds resubmit: clarify error message on invalid job ID
      builds show: display job note
      meta ssh-key create: new command
      git: pass context to gitRemoteURL
      paste: print hashes in yellow
      termfmt: rename Color to Style
      termfmt: add Bold and Dim
      pages: print site name in bold
      meta: print username in bold
      Upgrade gqlclient
      go generate
      meta pgp-key create: new command
      meta show: display current user by default
      builds: improve status colors
      git list: use bold for repo name
      builds list: add more formatting
      Introduce ownerPrefixes
      git: remove repoName global
      Reject invalid input in getConfirmation
      Add lists.sr.ht schema
      Move timeDelta to main.go
      lists list: new command
      readme: mention man page instead of -h
      termfmt: add Style.{String,Sprint,Sprintf}
      paste list: add colorful visibility
      paste update: use completePasteID for completions
      git: handle instance in --repo flag
      config: add Client.HTTP
      paste show: new command
      Move parseInt32 to main.go
      builds: introduce parseBuildID
      git: rename RepositoryByName to RepositoryIDByName
      git: introduce getRepoID
      doc/hut.1: slightly improve formatting and arg names
      graphql: use NoFileCompletions
      lists: introduce parseMailingListName
      lists: rename MailingListByName to MailingListIDByName
      lists: add getMailingListID
      lists: detect mailing list from Git config
      lists: replace --owner flag with --mailing-list
      go get -u
      srht/generate: drop package names
      ci: add BSD make build
      graphql: add --var
      git: add ParseVisibility to gitsrht package
      lists: add ParsePatchsetStatus to listssrht package
      pages: add ParseProtocol to pagessrht package
      paste: add ParseVisibility to pastesrht package
      git: add ParseAccessMode to gitsrht package
      git artifact list: add terminal formatting
      git list: hide repository ID
      Fix typo in --instance help text
      pages: unfold long line
      hg list: drop repo ID from output
      git: add owner arg to getRepoID
      hut init: new command
      readme: disambiguate license
      config: introduce config struct
      config: error out on duplicate instance names
      Add parseOwnerName
      meta show: parse instance from arg
      git list: parse instance from arg
      lists, todo: add TODO where we ignore owner
      builds show: add formatting for job ID in --follow mode
      termfmt: add ReplaceLine
      Remove Client.Hostname
      Only build service origin from instance name if it's a FQDN
      graphql: prefill editor with help text
      graphql: drop prefilled text, abort on empty query
      Upgrade dependencies
      Move GraphQL client timeout to http.Client
      graphql: fix missing newline in error message

Thorben Günther (143):
      ci: add build manifest
      Add .gitignore
      Add artifact upload
      config: Add option to grab token from command output
      CI: Check documentation in build step
      Group commands by API service
      pages: Add website publish
      pages: Add unpublish
      paste: Add option to set visibility
      pages: Add list
      readme: Fix license
      builds: Add resubmit
      builds: Allow editing of resubmitted manifest
      builds: Add cancel
      builds: Set note for resubmissions
      paste: Add delete
      builds: Move int64 -> int32 conversion to function
      git: Try to autodetect revision for artifact upload
      builds: Add show
      builds: Add list
      builds: Add secrets
      git artifact: Improve error handling
      artifacts: Move upload to subcommand
      git: Add artifact list
      git: Add artifact delete
      git: Regenerate gql.go
      git: Make --repo flag global
      doc: Remove empty options for artifact list
      git: Add create
      git create: Add flag to clone repo after creation
      paste: Add list
      git: Use function to get repo name
      Add coloured output, enable for job status
      builds: Add ssh
      builds: Add follow flag to show command
      Update builds, git schemata and re-generate
      git create: Retrieve SSH user from API
      builds ssh: Retrieve SSH user from API
      config: Add instance flag
      config: Add config flag
      Improve auto-completion
      meta ssh-key: Add delete
      meta pgp-key: Add delete
      paste: Add update
      git: Add list
      meta ssh-key: Add list
      git: Add delete
      meta pgp-key: Add list
      Implement function to receive user confirmation
      git delete: Ask for confirmation
      config: Improve instance detection
      git delete: Use repo name instead of ID
      getConfirmation: Change to lower-case n
      config: Remove global variables
      meta: Add audit-log
      lists: Add delete
      git: Implement repo completion
      paste: Implement paste ID completions
      Add hg.sr.ht schema
      hg: Add list
      git artifacts: Improve rev completion
      Implement argument parsing
      config: Modify client creation to accept instance string
      git: Return instance when guessing repo repoName
      timeDelta: Use time.Since in function itself
      Fix timeDelta usage
      meta ssh-key delete: Implement completion
      meta pgp-key delete: Implement completion
      git: Add acl list
      lists: Add subscription add
      lists: Add subscription remove
      builds: Implement completion for running jobs
      lists delete: Add nil check
      lists: Add patchset list
      lists: Remove obsolete owner flag
      lists: Add patchset update
      git: Add acl update
      git: Add acl delete
      pages: Implement domain completion
      Makefile: Add dependencies to completion targets
      lists: Add patchset apply
      git: Parse owner in getRepoName and guessGitRepoName
      git show: Handle owner
      git show: Fix latest tag
      lists patchset list: Improve output
      git acl list: Switch date and mode
      Add todo schema
      todo: Add list
      todo: Add delete
      git artifact list: Handle owner
      todo: Add ticket list
      todo: Handle owner in getTrackerID
      lists patchset: Implement patch ID completion
      patchset list: Support listing by user
      lists acl list: New command
      lists: Add acl delete
      git: Conform with new schema
      git: Schema update
      todo: Add ticket comment
      todo ticket list: Color labels with their own color
      todo: Move ticket parsing to function
      todo: Add ticket update-status
      todo comment: Write comment with EDITOR by default
      getInputWithEditor: Support initial text
      builds resubmit: Use getInputWithEditor
      builds ssh: Add missing nil check
      todo ticket comment: Support status and resolution
      ticket comment: Implement smart status handling
      ticket update-status: Implement smart status handling
      todo: Add label list
      todo: Add label delete
      todo: Add label create
      todo labels: Pad with space
      git: Implement artifact completion
      todo: Add acl list
      todo: Add acl delete
      config: Support setting service origin URL
      git: Add webhook list
      git: Add webhook delete
      git: Add webhook create
      todo: Add subscribe
      todo: Add unsubscribe
      lists subscribe: Fix args usage
      todo: Add ticket subscribe
      todo: Add ticket unsubscribe
      todo: Add ticket assign
      todo: Add ticket unassign
      label create: Automatically pick foreground color if omitted
      git create: Support cloneUrl as import-url flag
      patchset list: Align output
      termfmt: Export isTerminal
      builds (re)submit: Offer SSH connection
      Switch tabwriter package
      man page: Sort alphabetically
      todo: Return error in parseTicketResource
      todo: Implement ticket unassign completion
      todo: Implement ticket ID completion
      patchset list: Slightly adjust output
      graphql: Read query from $EDITOR by default
      git webhook create: Support reading from stdin
      todo: Implement ticket assign completion
      todo: Implement tracker completion
      ticket comment: Fix panic