Limit number of jobs per check suite
Wait for monitor jobs to finish on shutdown
build: add Makefile
Upgrade dependencies
Use case-insensitive string comparison for token type

It's typically set to "Bearer".
Fix empty query in /authorize redirection
Read sr.ht client ID and secret from env
Add support for sr.ht OAuth2 authorization flow
Add stub handler for InstallationRepositoriesEvent
Add special handling for PRs made from a fork

GitHub is pretty annoying here…
Handle ping events
Fix commit URL in job note
Add -db flag
readme: fix list numbering
Add -listen flag
Add support for multiple build manifests
Switch to commit statuses

In the GitHub UI, check run links redirect to the GitHub Actions
dashboard, where a small link can take the user to the builds.sr.ht
page. Let's remove the indirection by using commit statuses instead.
Add installation creation time to DB