v1.4.0 1 year, 7 months ago

grim v1.4.0

This release removes the cairo dependency and replaces it with pixman.
This change allows us to support more pixel formats (some ≤ 24bpp
formats are now supported, high bpp is planned in the future).

XDG_PICTURES_DIR is now correctly handled according to the FreeDesktop
specification. The compression level can now be set for PNG output.

Jason Nader (1):
      Read XDG_PICTURES_DIR from user-dirs.dirs file

Lars Lenckowski (1):
      add bash completion

Manuel Stoeckl (18):
      render: use pixman to compose output buffers
      render: use convolution filter when downscaling
      Allow setting compression level for PNG output
      write_png: fix out of bounds read
      render: add support for ≤ 24bpp pixel formats
      Use alternate Wayland to Pixman format conversion on big-endian
      Rename cairo_{jpg,ppm} to write_{jpg,ppm}
      Use stream-type functions to save images
      Remove unused functions to write image to file
      write_ppm: use FILE* in cairo_surface_write_to_ppm_stream
      write_jpg: use FILE* in cairo_surface_write_to_jpeg_stream
      Stop using cairo_status_t
      write_jpg: remove unnecessary format conversion code
      write_ppm: switch from cairo_surface_t to pixman_image_t
      write_jpg: switch from cairo_surface_t to pixman_image_t
      write_png: switch from cairo_surface_t to pixman_image_t
      Stop using cairo_surface_t
      Remove cairo dependency

Oğuz Ersen (1):
      man: fix wrong section headers

Siavash Askari Nasr (1):
      Add example for taking screenshot of active window

Simon Ser (9):
      readme: IRC channel moved to Libera Chat
      Make get_output_dir return value const
      Replace sprintf with snprintf
      Make output_filename const
      Stop using PATH_MAX
      build: fix indentation and style
      build: bump to Meson 0.58.0
      build: stop using sh to invoke scdoc
      build: bump to version 1.4.0