v1.3.0 3 years ago

grim v1.3.0

This release allows grim to be invoked without a destination file
argument, in which case a timestamped file will be written in

Erick Cafferata (1):
      fix: sign-compare warning

Jason (2):
      Allow user to set default output dir.
      Provide more helpful error message

Simon Ser (6):
      readme: add color picker example
      readme: add note about IRC channel
      man: document env variables
      readme: remove explicit sway version, remove package manager section
      build: set warning_level=3
      build: bump version to 1.3.0

fox.cpp (1):
      Update grim.1.scd

muskox (2):
      Use a default filename if no filename is provided
      Update documentation

ppascher (1):
      Fix maybe-uninitialized warning