build: turn on -Wundef
build: use cc.get_supported_arguments() to check for -W flags
build: drop grim_inc
build: always set HAVE_JPEG

This will allow us to turn on -Wundef.
Move man pages into doc/ directory
build: print feature summary
build: bump version to 1.4.1
Fail when more than one arguments are passed in

This makes it easier to catch mistakes.
66aa70d5 — Eric Li 7 months ago
main: add newline to end of error message
050045a1 — Manuel Stoeckl 7 months ago
render: print error message when image alloc fails
man: update URL to sr.ht
ci: update clone URL to sr.ht
readme: move to sr.ht
readme: stop mentionning Sway

This was useful when the project was young, but now grim is the
de-facto tool for screenshots on wlroots-based compositors, so no
need to reference a specific compositor.
bash-completion: localize variables
write_jpg: fix printf format specifier
build: bump to version 1.4.0
build: stop using sh to invoke scdoc
build: bump to Meson 0.58.0

Cleanup deprecated usage. We'll need a newer Meson soon.
build: fix indentation and style