v0.6.0 7 months ago

goguma v0.6.0

Release highlights:

- Initial release with iOS support.
- Add support for the draft/pre-away IRC extension, to not toggle the
  away flag when synchronizing chat history in the background.
- Add support for geo URIs and sharing current geolocation
- Add a few more commands (/join, /kick, /mode, /quote)

As usual, a collection of bugfixes is also included.

Jean THOMAS (5):
      ios: Add encryption exemption entitlement
      buffer: Fix semantics for message time
      buffer_list: Stop reading channel initial (a11y)
      ios: Fix Xcode 15 issues
      ios: Add support for irc/ircs URIs

Simon Ser (94):
      Parse OpenGraph image attributes for link previews
      link_preview: add minimum image dimension
      link_preview: fix HTML peeking
      link_preview: peek at HTML more aggressively
      page/buffer: fix blank history when chathistory is disabled
      link_preview: turn off unnecessary_import lint
      link_preview: accepts floats for og:image:width
      link_preview: disable OpenGraph image when dimension is not specified
      widget/link_preview: open web page previews in a browser
      link_preview: fix RangeError in LinkPreviewer._findBodyTag
      link_preview: fix ArgumentError in _fetchHtmlPreview
      linkify: make double-quote a trailing URL character
      database: fix missing WebPushSubscription table
      database: don't use semicolons in SQL statements
      Bump version to 0.5.0
      Upgrade dependencies
      readme: add link to official F-Droid repository
      Revert "Upgrade dependencies"
      Upgrade dependencies
      readme: remove language code from F-Droid link
      Upgrade dependencies
      doc: add index, link from main README
      readme: fix link to docs
      doc/android-debugging: add note about filtering logs
      Revert "Upgrade dependencies"
      ci: explicitly switch to java-11-openjdk
      Upgrade dependencies
      Upgrade dependencies
      Upgrade connectivity_plus to 4.0
      Upgrade share_plus to 7.0
      Upgrade flutter_local_notifications to 14.0
      android: upgrade build.gradle
      ci: document root cause of archlinux-java workaround
      ci: switch to Java 17
      page/buffer: ensure "jump to bottom" button is hidden at bottom
      irc: use RFC 2812 default for CHANTYPES
      irc: add RFC 2812 default for PREFIX
      Upgrade linkify to 5.0 and flutter_linkify to 6.0
      Upgrade dependencies
      Add message sheet
      Resolve linter warnings
      Bump Flutter dependency
      notification_controller: only handle app launch selection once
      Upgrade dependencies
      android: update Gradle
      android: move namespace to build.gradle
      Upgrade dependencies
      android: remove white hash outline from ic_launcher_foreground
      android: add night launch_background
      android: use same pathData as ic_launcher_foreground in ic_stat_name
      android: add monochrome icon
      client: add Client.setAway()
      Add support for draft/pre-away
      client: only send prereg AWAY if we're requesting the cap
      Store network-wide last delivery time
      Bump network last delivery time when receiving NOTICEs
      ci: remove yay workaround for Java version
      Add an app store exception to the license
      Upgrade dependencies
      page/buffer: drop text selection in message bubbles
      Use super parameters
      Upgrade flutter_lints to v3
      Drop unused widget parameters
      Extract commands logic
      commands: add /join
      commands: add /kick
      commands: add /mode
      commands: add /quote
      Disable autocorrect on server/nickname/username text fields
      readme: add links to proprietary stores
      client_controller: only attempt background service on Android
      readme: note that iOS is supported
      doc/compatibility: new page
      linkify: add support for geo URIs
      Add menu to share current location
      widget/composer: replace add menu with bottom sheet
      widget/composer: use explicit type args for showModalBottomSheet
      widget/composer: dismiss bottom sheet on tap
      app: disable Material 3
      Upgrade dependencies
      readme: drop link to Android CI
      Add .b4-config
      Upgrade dependencies
      firebase: detect token changes on startup
      client_controller: request notification permission
      android: revert to flutter.minSdkVersion
      Upgrade flutter_local_notifications to v16
      Upgrade connectivity_plus to v5
      client: add connectErrors stream
      Show connection error in settings
      page/network_details: add reconnect button
      page/network_details: show connection error if any
      page/network_details: hide conversation count if empty
      Bump version to 0.6.0