078703371fc546d4157572ca7db952bae0828c41 — Simon Ser a month ago fde81ec
ci: count commits in origin/master for build number

That way Android doesn't wipe user data when switching between an
.apk built from a branch and master.
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M .builds/android.yml
M .builds/android.yml => .builds/android.yml +3 -2
@@ 28,14 28,15 @@ tasks:
      ln -s ~/keystore.jks android/keystore.jks
  - build: |
      cd goguma
      flutter build apk --build-number="$(git rev-list --first-parent --count HEAD)"
      build_number="$(git rev-list --first-parent --count origin/master)"
      flutter build apk --build-number="$build_number"
  - analyze: |
      cd goguma
      flutter analyze --no-fatal-infos
  - deploy: |
      cd goguma
      [ "$(git rev-parse origin/master)" = "$(git rev-parse HEAD)" ] || complete-build
      build_number="$(git rev-list --first-parent --count HEAD)"
      build_number="$(git rev-list --first-parent --count origin/master)"
      ssh_opts="-o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"
      scp $ssh_opts build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/app-release.apk deploy@emersion.fr:fdroid-goguma-nightly/repo/goguma-"$build_number".apk
      ssh $ssh_opts deploy@emersion.fr "cd fdroid-goguma-nightly && (ls -t repo/*.apk | tail -n +5 | xargs -r rm --) && fdroid update"