Limit max block nesting depth
Error out on anonymous struct field

These are not supported at the moment. Make this clear by failing
early instead of silently ignoring such fields.
Remove unnecessary type
Error out on duplicate scfg struct tag key
Include line numbers in unmarshal errors
Fix directiveMapSlice test

We want to test unmarshaling slices of maps, not maps of slices.
Add support for unmarshaling directives to slices of structs/maps
Rename unmarshalDirectiveParams to unmarshalParamList

We'll have a similar unmarshalDirectiveList function soon.
Add support for encoding.TextUnmarshaler
Add support for arrays in Decoder
f9243b3f — delthas 11 months ago
Add Decoder

This adds unmarshaling support to go-scfg, inspired by the Go json

Co-authored-by: Simon Ser <contact@emersion.fr>
Fold marshal.go into writer.go

For symmetry with reader.go.
Move Block and Directive to scfg.go

This is shared between readers and writers.
scfg: add Write

Signed-off-by: Sebastien Binet <s@sbinet.org>
Allow to set empty strings

Something like this in the config file

    test ""

would currently fail with the following error:

   directive "test": want 1 params, got 0

By allowing go-scfg to read empty strings, it would be possible to set
default values, but still allow users to unset those.
Include line number in error messages
Use own word splitting function

scfg word splitting is a bit different than shlex'. Let's just
implement our own parser.
readme: switch to godocs.io
readme: add link to mailing list
readme: link to spec