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go generate
Upgrade dependencies
Rename Block to Descriptor
drm: add more YCbCr packed formats
ffmpeg: re-generate with libavutil 58.2.100
drm: re-generate with libdrm 2.4.115
drm: use explicit channels for packed YUV formats
vulkan: add non-subsampled multi-planar formats

References: https://todo.sr.ht/~emersion/pixfmtdb/6
vulkan: rename gen{Unpacked,Packed}

Make it clear these generate blocks with the RGBSDA color model.
vulkan: add single-plane unpacked YUV formats
vulkan: add optional formats
Add WebGPU formats

Signed-off-by: i509VCB <git@i509.me>
cmd: rig up ffmpeg
ffmpeg: add a few packed RGBA formats
ffmpeg: add format list
cmd: decode sample position
cmd: decode float sample bounds
drm: add packed YUV formats