Add support for Amlogic format modifiers
Parse ARM modifiers
Parse NVIDIA modifiers
Improve format/modifier pretty-printing
Move String function outside of machine-generated code

This will allow us to implement better modifier pretty-printing.
Run gofmt on generated file
Search drm_fourcc.h in all libdrm cflags
Update drm_fourcc.h to libdrm 2.4.104
Remove aliased constants from generated code

This fails the build.
Use full path for drm_fourcc.h include

Makes sure we include the right file.
Add package godoc
Add CapSyncObjTimeline

See https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/f3e6d22baa5b69c8a4f90e1fc27d095cf0eff687
Generate fourcc constants from libdrm
Add PlaneType
Add String method to capabilities
cmd/drmdump: move to drmdb
Add pretty-printing