v1.0.0-beta.9 5 months ago

gamja v1.0.0-beta.9

Simon Ser (25):
      store: stop matching server URL and nick
      store: protect against dup buffers
      store: fix clearing buffers for a specific server
      Upgrade dependencies
      lib/irc: add formatURL
      Migrate to async/await
      components/app: prevent multiple WHO channel commands in parallel
      state: handle WHO replies in bulk
      Keep closed buffers in store
      store: fix undefined Unread
      components/help: fix typo for Ctrl key bindings
      Add buffer switcher
      components/switcher-form: match topics and realnames
      Send PING on window focus
      lib/client: ensure server prefix is never null
      Upgrade dependencies
      state: simplify MONITOR reply handling
      Show MONITOR online/offline notifications in user buffers
      Fix ReferenceError when adding new bouncer network
      Set targets.default.context in package.json
      components/buffer: drop duplicate MONITOR events
      Move docs to a separate directory
      doc/setup: improve gamja config instructions for webircgateway
      doc/setup: add kimchi instructions
      components/app: throttle our focus PINGs