v1.0.0-beta.7 1 year, 5 months ago

gamja v1.0.0-beta.7

Juan Cruz Orioli (1):
      components: Use onInput instead of onChange

Nolan Prescott (1):
      Sort lists with localeCompare

Simon Ser (25):
      Update dependencies
      components/app: don't open buffer for CTCP messages
      Ignore RPL_CHANNEL_URL
      Limit composer length
      Fetch read marker before backlog for user targets
      Fix ignored MARKREAD messages
      Fix draft/read-marker cap not negotiated
      Drop support for soju.im/read
      components/buffer-list: show buffers with errors in red
      Disallow server.{autoconnect,auth} mismatch in config.json
      Remove unnecessary if in App.handleConfig
      Add config option to generate random nickname
      Display error in loading state
      components/app: switch off loading state atomically
      components/connect-form: autofocus username field
      Upgrade dependencies
      Add support for OAuth 2.0 authentication
      Load initial members state via WHO when channel is selected
      Remove unnecessary whoChannelBuffer() call
      Use ratified extended-monitor cap name
      lib/client: unify checks for chathistory end
      Close settings dialog when disconnecting
      Make first server check more robust when disconnecting
      Move msg.tags fallback to client
      Skip regular chat message handling for infinite scroll

delthas (1):
      Fix stripping hex color formatting

xse (1):
      Make use of destBuffers when fetching history.