v1.0.0-beta.3 2 years ago

gamja v1.0.0-beta.3

Isaac Freund (1):
      Better handle long topics on small screen sizes

Noelle Leigh (1):
      Display persistant command input on server buffer

Simon Ser (40):
      components/help: remove "/" keybinding, document middle mouse click
      components/help: use bold for command name only
      commands: simplify /who usage string
      components/buffer: fix INVITE link
      lib/irc: add missing Isupport.chanModes
      commands: add comment param to /kick usage
      state: add bouncerNetworks helpers
      components/buffer-list: remove pointless temporary variable
      components/buffer-header: fix dead space above description
      Set min node version in package.json
      components/app: make switchBuffer state changes atomic
      Fix unread marker going back
      store: debounce buffer store saves
      components/app: introduce receiptFromMessage
      Introduce isMessageBeforeReceipt
      Refactor receipts
      Make delivery receipts follow read receipts
      Add support for soju.im/read
      components/app: include server ID in notification tags
      components/app: make showNotification return null on error
      components/app: close notifications when switching buffer
      components/app: close notifications when receiving READ message
      components/app: introduce getReceipt
      Don't fetch backlog before read receipt
      store: fix no-op read receipt update detection
      components/app: stop updating prevReadReceipt on READ message
      components/app: move lastErrorID declaration down
      keybindings: fix error on alt+h
      state: add isReceiptBefore
      store: add note about comparison in Buffer.put
      Update stored unread status on READ message
      Prevent hole in history when reconnecting
      Refactor backlog fetching into function
      lib/irc: drop outdated CapRegistry TODO
      store: save buffer state when user navigates away
      components/app: fix missing semicolons
      lib/irc: add missing num range to alphaNum regexp
      lib/irc: remove unnecessary non-breaking-space case
      lib/irc: fix bound check in isHighlight
      Convert remaining simple quotes to double quotes

delthas (2):
      commands: add password param to /join
      components/connect-form: make the server password field password-typed

xse (1):
      components/buffer: use browser locale for date-separator

Дамјан Георгиевски (1):
      fix ping after reconnect