v1.0.0-beta.2 2 years ago

gamja v1.0.0-beta.2

Cara Salter (1):
      commands: Add LIST command

Drew DeVault (1):
      Improve noscript UI appearance

Rafael Castillo (1):
      Add away command

Simon Ser (116):
      components/buffer: add RPL_UMODEIS pretty-printing
      components/buffer: pretty-print RPL_CHANNELMODEIS and RPL_CREATIONTIME
      lib/client: handle MONITOR without value in ISUPPORT
      Add more type checks for config.json
      Inherit from default connectParams in handleConfig
      Don't allow overriding server URL if set in config.json
      Add autoconnect to config.json
      Add nick to config.json
      Allow revealing server field with ?server
      Add support for SASL EXTERNAL
      readme: mention server.ping when server doesn't send PINGs
      Switch from anchorme to linkifyjs
      Handle click on irc:// channel URLs inside buffers
      Open dialog to create new network on IRC URL click
      Handle IRC URLs without channel name
      Use linkifyjs module
      Use ISUPPORT NETWORK if user hasn't specified custom name
      lib/irc: "unknown" is not a meaningful realname
      Fallback to bouncer network host if name is unset
      Close buffer tabs on middle click
      Unescape ISUPPORT values
      Allow bouncers to set NETWORK in ISUPPORT
      Don't add RPL_SASLSUCCESS to server buffer
      Don't add RPL_YOURHOST to server buffer
      Pretty-print RPL_LOGGEDIN and RPL_LOGGEDOUT
      Avoid using `export * as namespace`
      Add minimal Parcel integration
      gitignore: add Parcel files
      lib/irc: extend parseURL to support flags and skip auth + options
      lib/client: rename whoisDB to pendingWHOIS, garbage collect
      lib/client: generalize pendingWHOIS, store list in ENDOF* messages
      state: process RPL_NAMREPLY atomically
      Add App.routeMessage
      state: move in QUIT and NICK update logic
      Upgrade http-server
      Remove unnecessary irc.formatDate call
      Add hint in server operators buffer header
      Add RPL_WELCOME to server buffer
      lib/client: fix missing account in WHOX
      components/buffer-header: skip account name if it matches nick
      components/buffer-header: mark unauthenticated users as such
      lib/irc: add "fullname" to isMeaningfulRealname
      Request more messages for event-playback infinite scrolling
      components/buffer-header: add help text for user details
      Route user MODE messages to server buffer
      Route self-NICK messages to server buffer
      lib/client: use Client.isMyNick to handle self-NICK messages
      components/buffer: show MODE target if different from buffer name
      Add Parcel to dev dependencies
      Keep track of channel join status
      De-duplicate nicks in folded JOIN/PART/QUIT lines
      Disconnect previous server on connect re-submit
      Auto-join when adding new network on irc:// link click
      Ask confirmation before JOIN on irc:// link click
      Add "open" URL param
      Don't auto-join without prompting user
      Request WHO info w/ empty message list in switchBuffer
      Always insert non-chathistory messages at the end
      Add support for draft/extended-monitor
      Don't stop fetching backlog on error
      Only allow one WHO command at a time
      Store WHO list in RPL_ENDOFWHO
      lib/irc: fix handling for prefixes without host
      Add UI to enable protocol handler
      Reword ProtocolHandlerNagger message
      Properly handle port in irc:// URLs
      Auto-dismiss client error on reconnect
      readme: add link to IRC channel
      ci: add .build.yml
      ci: add deploy task
      ci: fix deploy branch check
      ci: fix deploy branch check again, exclude config.json
      Avoid inline script in index.html
      lib/client: don't error out if SASL isn't available on RPL_WELCOME
      state: add account to server
      lib/client: remove one roundtrip during SASL auth
      lib/client: don't disconnect on SASL error if registered
      lib/client: always request sasl cap when available
      lib/client: catch handleMessage errors
      lib/client: send BOUNCER BIND and CAP END immediately
      lib/client: make authenticate() return a promise
      Add post-connect UI to login via SASL
      Ignore RPL_AWAY
      components/connect-form: replace auto-join text field with checkbox
      readme: add nginx file server directive
      Add embedded Content-Security-Policy
      Dim away users in member list
      components/member-list: re-render on State.users update
      components/buffer-header: hide action buttons when disconnected
      Clear channel joined field when disconnected
      Linkify error messages
      Add support for draft/account-registration
      Add link to verify account next to VERIFICATION_REQUIRED message
      Show "Manage network" even if upstream is disconnected
      Mark register/verify dialogs as loading
      Mark auth dialog as loading
      Add custom developement server
      Add usage message to development server
      Disable debug logs in production
      components/buffer-header: fix missing "join" button for parted channel
      Update channel join status when kicked
      lib/client: introduce IRCError
      lib/client: add generic error handling to roundtrip()
      Add Client.join, show join errors in popup
      Read nickname from RPL_WELCOME
      lib/client: use Error objects for error events
      Refactor ISUPPORT handling
      Implement exponential backoff for reconnections
      Move isBouncer props to server state
      state: fix server bouncerNetID
      Add reconnect button
      lib/irc: add CapRegistry
      ci: fix deploy skip
      state: fix prefix() call in MODE handler