Hide drivers with no filtered support in formats page
Fix percentage with format/modifier filter
Add links to formats page in snapshot page
Add format/modifier filters on format page
Link to DRM cap docs from snapshot page
Add link to per-driver device list from snapshot page
Detect and warn kernels compiled from Git and RCs
Fix kernel info pretty-printing

We were printing the struct representation.
Print some tainted kernel warnings on snapshot page
readme: add build commands
8b711b95 — Marijn Suijten 6 months ago
public/drivers: Link to filtered device page

I've always ended up on the drivers page without any links to the device
reports filed for this driver.  Link to the `/devices` page filtered on
the given driver name for every entry in the `ID` column to be able to
easily see the reports.
go generate
drmdoc: add support for headers with multiple property names
Upgrade dependencies
drmtree: add kernel tainted field
drmdoc: add analog TV connector protperties