bin/drm-debug: new utility
nvim: add GLSL syntax highlighting plugin
bin: add perf-stat-intel
fish: set LIBRARY_PATH
fish: add /usr/local/include to default C/C++ path
fish: disable greeting
fish: prevent yay from compressing packages
fish: unset CC/CXX, set TERMINAL

Clang caused various issues, e.g. when used with ASan.
bin/stewdio: add stop command
bin/stewdio: add listeners command
bin/git-pr: remove utility

Replace with `git push` with `push.default=current` and GitHub/GitLab URLs in
post push remote messages.
bin/stewdio: print status on play/pause
git: show diff when writing commit msg, push new branches without --set-upstream
nvim: new config
gnupg: switch back to pinentry-gnome3
sway: audio controls when locked
bin/stewdio: add np as an alias for playing
bin/sway-run: make it POSIX, add debug
bin/release: rewrite Meson version
bin/release: fix undefined variable