bin/stewdio: use netcat instead of ncat

ncat is the nmap tool. netcat/nc is openbsd's tool.
sway: add generic touchpad settings
nvim: don't automatically trim trailing whitespace

This has unfortunate consequences when working on big files with a lot
of trailing whitespace.
git: rebase when pulling instead of creating a merge commit
sway: use POSIX uname instead of hostname
bin/srht: print whole JSON response on error
git: enable line numbers in git-grep
bin/sway-run: set XDG_SESSION_TYPE

Some retarded libraries (GTK, WebRTC) check for it instead of
bin/sway-run: set MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1
bin/stewdio: use mpv IPC instead of a FIFO
git: add logt alias

Credits to Pekka.
gtk3: hide close button in headerbars
bin/scdoc-view: new utility
neovim: soft-wrapping
git: remove GitHub URL rewrite
bin/srht: update for legacy.sr.ht migration
sway: add missing exec keywords
bin/release: fix typo in `meson rewrite` command
bin/submit-build: use jq instead of httppie