v0.2.0 2 years ago

basu v0.2.0

This release adds FreeBSD support and a fix for older musl versions.

Kenny Levinsen (36):
      random-util: Do not use thread ID as seed
      sd-bus: Remove useless sd_bus_get_tid
      random-util: ifdef getrandom usage
      basic: Remove missing_syscall.h
      random-util: Only use /dev/urandom
      meson: Use pkgconfig module, aggressive cleanup
      ci: Enable FreeBSD builds
      meson: Set Wno-format-nonliteral
      Guard libcap usage behind HAVE_LIBCAP
      basic/macro: Avoid use of static_assert
      freebsd: Fix endian handling
      freebsd: Fix alloca includes
      basic/parse-util: Include xlocale.h on FreeBSD
      basic/terminal-util: Fix includes for FreeBSD
      basic: Remove unnecessary includes
      basic/env-util: Implement secure_getenv if missing
      freebsd: Define linux-only errnos in missing.h
      alloc-util: Define mempcpy on FreeBSD
      Remove use of fsetlocking
      basic/time-util: Remove references to alarm clocks
      busctl: Use argv[0] for program name
      tests: Set program_invocation_short_name as hack
      basic/socket-util: Do not set SO_SNDBUF/SO_RCVBUF
      basic/socket-util: Implement FreeBSD getpeercred
      basic/memfd: Skip sealing on FreeBSD < 13
      test: Disable test-bus-benchmark
      sd-id128: Check /var/lib/dbus/machine-id
      ci: Generate dbus uuid on FreeBSD
      bus-socket: Remove (read|write)v usage
      bus-socket: Implement explicit credential passing
      bus-socket: Skip cap check instead of -ENOSYS
      bus-creds: Skip parse caps instead of -ENOTSUP
      basic/macro: Undef align on FreeBSD
      bus-creds: Handle ESRCH from get_process_comm
      ci: Mount linprocfs on FreeBSD
      license: Remove GPL2 text

Simon Ser (3):
      Include sys/syscall.h for __NR_*
      ci: use alpine latest instead of edge
      Drop __NR_getrandom fallback

Tim Biermann (2):
      make dbus system bus default address configurable
      dbus system bus: use the default address defined by dbus