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basu v0.2.1

Arsen Arsenović (2):
      meson: add libcap option
      meson: convert audit option to feature object

Fangrui Song (1):
      LLD 13 and GNU ld 2.37 support -z start-stop-gc which allows garbage collection of C identifier name sections despite the __start_/__stop_ references.  Simply set the retain attribute so that GCC 11 (if configure-time binutils is 2.36 or newer)/Clang 13 will set the SHF_GNU_RETAIN section attribute to prevent garbage collection.

Ismael Luceno (1):
      Workaround build failure by -Wpedantic with GCC 12

Jakub Jirutka (2):
      meson: Allow to build both shared and static library
      meson: Link basuctl with libbasu dynamically

Jan Beich (2):
      test: switch to getprogname on FreeBSD
      basic/socket-util: enable cr_pid on FreeBSD >= 12.3

Kenny Levinsen (1):
      freebsd: Do not use cr_pid from LOCAL_PEERCRED

Simon Ser (4):
      readme: update IRC channel
      readme: reference mailing list and issue tracker
      build: fix whitespace in project()
      build: bump version to 0.2.1

v0.2.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

basu v0.2.0

This release adds FreeBSD support and a fix for older musl versions.

Kenny Levinsen (36):
      random-util: Do not use thread ID as seed
      sd-bus: Remove useless sd_bus_get_tid
      random-util: ifdef getrandom usage
      basic: Remove missing_syscall.h
      random-util: Only use /dev/urandom
      meson: Use pkgconfig module, aggressive cleanup
      ci: Enable FreeBSD builds
      meson: Set Wno-format-nonliteral
      Guard libcap usage behind HAVE_LIBCAP
      basic/macro: Avoid use of static_assert
      freebsd: Fix endian handling
      freebsd: Fix alloca includes
      basic/parse-util: Include xlocale.h on FreeBSD
      basic/terminal-util: Fix includes for FreeBSD
      basic: Remove unnecessary includes
      basic/env-util: Implement secure_getenv if missing
      freebsd: Define linux-only errnos in missing.h
      alloc-util: Define mempcpy on FreeBSD
      Remove use of fsetlocking
      basic/time-util: Remove references to alarm clocks
      busctl: Use argv[0] for program name
      tests: Set program_invocation_short_name as hack
      basic/socket-util: Do not set SO_SNDBUF/SO_RCVBUF
      basic/socket-util: Implement FreeBSD getpeercred
      basic/memfd: Skip sealing on FreeBSD < 13
      test: Disable test-bus-benchmark
      sd-id128: Check /var/lib/dbus/machine-id
      ci: Generate dbus uuid on FreeBSD
      bus-socket: Remove (read|write)v usage
      bus-socket: Implement explicit credential passing
      bus-socket: Skip cap check instead of -ENOSYS
      bus-creds: Skip parse caps instead of -ENOTSUP
      basic/macro: Undef align on FreeBSD
      bus-creds: Handle ESRCH from get_process_comm
      ci: Mount linprocfs on FreeBSD
      license: Remove GPL2 text

Simon Ser (3):
      Include sys/syscall.h for __NR_*
      ci: use alpine latest instead of edge
      Drop __NR_getrandom fallback

Tim Biermann (2):
      make dbus system bus default address configurable
      dbus system bus: use the default address defined by dbus

v0.1.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

basu v0.1.0

Bor Grošelj Simić (4):
      remove some unused functions from fileio.{c,h}
      clean up env-util.{c,h}
      remove unused macro from dirent-util.h
      remove unused includes from headers

Kenny Levinsen (69):
      Kill a bunch of unused components
      Kill basic/architecture
      Kill basic/virt
      Kill basic/unit-name
      Kill basic/selinux-util
      Kill basic/rlimit-util
      Kill basic/khash
      Kill basic/cgroup-util
      meson: Remove unused checks
      Remove dependency on libacl
      meson: Remove a few detects
      Remove basic/proc-cmdline
      Remove more stuff from basic
      Remove unused symbols
      meson: Remove unused options
      Remove sd-path.h
      Reduce basic/copy
      Remove basic/glob-util
      Remove things from missing.h
      Reduce process-util
      Reduce time-util
      Reduce terminal-util
      Remove pager
      Reduce locale-util
      Reduce user-util
      Remove ioprio
      Reduce hostname-util
      Reduce extract-word
      Reduce fs-util
      Reduce util
      Reduce path-util
      Reduce log
      Reduce stdio-util
      Define __compar_fn_t if missing
      Implement strndupa if missing
      Reduce includes in locale-util
      process-util: Remove getpid cache
      Reduce fd-util
      Remove copy
      Reduce dirent-util
      prcess-util: Remove unused fork features
      Remove raw-clone
      meson: Fix header install
      pkg-config: Link with basu instead of systemd
      meson: Rename busctl to basuctl
      sd-bus: Remove BUS_WATCH_BIND
      sd-bus: Remove sd_bus_(attach|detach|get)_event
      sd-bus: Remove remaining internal sd_event usage
      Remove bus-util
      Remove sd-event
      Remove all signs of inotify
      Reduce and make sd-daemon private
      Reduce stat-util
      Reduce syslog-util
      Remove socket-label
      Remove signal-util
      Remove procfs-util
      test: Get a few of the tests up and running
      ci: Run tests
      sd-bus: Fix use of strerror_r
      Remove sd-messages
      Remove sd-bus machine API
      Remove sd-bus remote and exec API
      Fix up last sd-bus tests
      meson: Fix reallocarray detection
      Remove unused and missing memfd ifdef
      meson: Remove a few dead options
      Reset version number to 0.1.0
      Move test helpers to src/test and remove libshared

Mykyta Holubakha (7):
      Delete unused functions
      Remove unused JSON functionality
      Remove more unused code
      Remove useless includes
      Remove more unused code
      Drop OSC 8 URL support
      Who cares about pcap dumping

Simon Ser (31):
      Trim meson.build
      Trim down meson.build again
      Remove linux/fou.h dependency
      basic: trim down missing.h a little
      ci: add alpine build
      Use meson.override_dependency
      meson: remove ok-color option
      meson: remove more unused options
      meson: use full path in -include
      Install pkg-config file as "basu"
      Reduce capability-util
      Reduce fileio and fs-util
      Reduce missing
      Drop mempool
      ci: enable test-bus-chat
      Reduce socket-util
      Reduce socket-util again
      Remove a few linux-specific includes
      readme: add IRC channel
      build: remove libcap workaround for Ubuntu 14.04
      basic/terminal-util: remove unnecessary includes
      basic/audit-util: remove unnecessary includes
      Remove unused syscalls from missing_syscall.h
      Remove unnecessary Linux-specific includes
      Reduce time-util
      Reduce stat-util
      Remove sd_id128_get_invocation
      Remove Linux-specific include from util.h
      Add missing includes for glibc
      Remove namespace support
      Remove unused header detection defines

Simon Zeni (2):
      meson: add libcap dep if sys/capability.h is not found
      meson: remove check for sys/capability.h

emersion (1):
      First commit

vilhalmer (21):
      Kill bpf
      Kill journal
      Kill bus-unit-util
      Kill sd-netlink
      Kill sd-device
      Kill sd-hwdb
      Kill sd-resolve
      Kill sd-utf8
      Kill sd-network
      Kill sd-path
      Kill sd-lldp
      Kill sd-ndisc
      Missed a header
      Kill sd-ipv4ll
      Kill sd-ipv4acd
      Kill sd-dhcp*
      Missed another
      Kill sd-login
      More missed headers
      Clean out the rest of shared
      Clean basic, part 1


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