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Move to pandoc generator and simple one-page site
33 files changed, 119 insertions(+), 33950 deletions(-)

M .build.yml
M .gitignore
A Makefile
D config.toml
D content/home.md
D content/publications.md
D content/socials.md
D content/til/_index.md
D content/til/gitea.md
D content/til/iter-transpose.md
D content/til/protobuf.md
D content/til/simulation.md
A index.md
D static/big-data-slides.pdf
D static/dns.png
D static/droplet.png
D static/ecir-19-poster.pdf
D static/external-link.svg
D static/fonts/JetBrains Mono Regular Nerd Font Complete.ttf
D static/icofont/demo.html
D static/icofont/fonts/icofont.eot
D static/icofont/fonts/icofont.svg
D static/icofont/fonts/icofont.ttf
D static/icofont/fonts/icofont.woff
D static/icofont/fonts/icofont.woff2
D static/icofont/icofont.css
D static/icofont/icofont.min.css
D static/profile.jpg
D static/site.css
A style.css
D templates/index.html
D templates/page.html
D templates/section.html
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