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2020/*: add
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A 2020/Makefile
A 2020/README.md
A 2020/arrayops.c
A 2020/arrayops.h
A 2020/day1.c
A 2020/day10.c
A 2020/day10in.txt
A 2020/day10test.txt
A 2020/day10test2.txt
A 2020/day11.c
A 2020/day11in.txt
A 2020/day11test.txt
A 2020/day12.c
A 2020/day12in.txt
A 2020/day12test.txt
A 2020/day13.c
A 2020/day13in.txt
A 2020/day13test.txt
A 2020/day14.c
A 2020/day14in.txt
A 2020/day14test.txt
A 2020/day14test2.txt
A 2020/day15.c
A 2020/day15in.txt
A 2020/day15test.txt
A 2020/day16.c
A 2020/day16in.txt
A 2020/day16test.txt
A 2020/day16test2.txt
A 2020/day17.c
A 2020/day17in.txt
A 2020/day17test.txt
A 2020/day18.c
A 2020/day18in.txt
A 2020/day18test.txt
A 2020/day19.c
A 2020/day19in.txt
A 2020/day19test.txt
A 2020/day19test2.txt
A 2020/day1in.txt
A 2020/day2.c
A 2020/day20.c
A 2020/day20in.txt
A 2020/day20old.c
A 2020/day20test.txt
A 2020/day21.c
A 2020/day21in.txt
A 2020/day21test.txt
A 2020/day22.c
A 2020/day22in.txt
A 2020/day22test.txt
A 2020/day23.c
A 2020/day24.c
A 2020/day24in.txt
A 2020/day24test.txt
A 2020/day24test2.txt
A 2020/day25.c
A 2020/day25in.txt
A 2020/day25test.txt
A 2020/day2in.txt
A 2020/day3.c
A 2020/day3in.txt
A 2020/day3test.txt
A 2020/day4.c
A 2020/day4in.txt
A 2020/day4test.txt
A 2020/day5.c
A 2020/day5in.txt
A 2020/day6.c
A 2020/day6in.txt
A 2020/day6test.txt
A 2020/day7.c
A 2020/day7in.txt
A 2020/day7test.txt
A 2020/day7test2.txt
A 2020/day8.c
A 2020/day8in.txt
A 2020/day8test.txt
A 2020/day9.c
A 2020/day9in.txt
A 2020/day9test.txt
A 2020/day9test2.txt
A 2020/docs/contributing.md
A 2020/intset.c
A 2020/intset.h
A 2020/ioops.c
A 2020/ioops.h
A 2020/strset.c
A 2020/strset.h
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