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Scatter implements the Signal protocol over federated email.

Very early version to be presented at my Gophercon 2019 talk about Gio.

App Store versions

Android Beta in the Play Store.

iOS Beta in TestFlight.

Running Scatter

See the Gio guide for a setup guide for your platform. Then

$ GO111MODULE=on go run scatter.im/cmd/scatter

for Linux, macOS or Windows. For iOS and Android

$ go run gioui.org/cmd/gogio -target <android|ios> scatter.im/cmd/scatter


File bugs and TODOs through the the issue tracker or send an email to ~eliasnaur/scatter@todo.sr.ht. For general discussion, use the Gio mailing list: ~eliasnaur/gio@lists.sr.ht.


Dual-licensed under the UNLICENSE or the MIT.


Send patches and questions to ~eliasnaur/gio@lists.sr.ht.