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content{,/doc/showcase{,/gotraceui}}: add gotraceui to showcase

I've added a showcase entry for gotraceui and swapped it for sprig on the main
page as sprig isn't as actively developed. I've also alphabetized the showcase
page in order to avoid any concerns over unfairly prioritizing certain projects.

Signed-off-by: Chris Waldon <christopher.waldon.dev@gmail.com>
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title: gotraceui
subtitle: an efficient frontend for Go execution traces
        alt: "Gotraceui screenshot"
        source: ./1.png
        title: Source
        url: https://github.com/dominikh/gotraceui

Gotraceui is a tool for visualizing and analyzing Go execution traces. It is meant to be a faster, more accessible, and more powerful alternative to go tool trace. Unlike go tool trace, Gotraceui doesn’t use deprecated browser APIs (or a browser at all), and its UI is tuned specifically to the unique characteristics of Go traces.

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@@ 3,19 3,20 @@ title: Showcase
subtitle: Programs written with Gio
    - ./godcr
    - ./gotraceui
    - ./photon
    - ./protonet
    - ./sointu
    - ./sprig
    - ./tailscale
    - ./protonet
    - ./wormhole-william
    - ./sointu
    - ./photon

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This contains a showcase of different programs written using Gio.
This contains a showcase of different programs written using Gio in alphabetical order.

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@@ 58,8 58,8 @@ contains links to get you started with Gio.
    <a href="/doc/showcase/tailscale" style="background-image: url('/doc/showcase/tailscale/1.png')">
        <div class="title">Tailscale</div>
    <a href="/doc/showcase/sprig" style="background-image: url('/doc/showcase/sprig/1.png')">
        <div class="title">sprig</div>
    <a href="/doc/showcase/gotraceui" style="background-image: url('/doc/showcase/gotraceui/1.png')">
        <div class="title">gotraceui</div>
    <a href="/doc/showcase/sointu" style="background-image: url('/doc/showcase/sointu/1.png')">
        <div class="title">Sointu</div>