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cmd/gio: expand usage document

Signed-off-by: Elias Naur <mail@eliasnaur.com>
2 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M cmd/gio/gio.go
A cmd/gio/help.go
M cmd/gio/gio.go => cmd/gio/gio.go +5 -5
@@ 23,10 23,10 @@ )
  var (
- 	target        = flag.String("target", "", "specify target (ios, tvos, android, js)")
- 	archNames     = flag.String("arch", "", "specify architecture(s) to include")
- 	buildMode     = flag.String("buildmode", "exe", "specify buildmode: archive or exe")
- 	destPath      = flag.String("o", "", `output path. Specify a path with the ".app" suffix for iOS simulators.`)
+ 	target        = flag.String("target", "", "specify target (ios, tvos, android, js).\n")
+ 	archNames     = flag.String("arch", "", "specify architecture(s) to include (arm, arm64, amd64).")
+ 	buildMode     = flag.String("buildmode", "exe", "specify buildmode (archive, exe)")
+ 	destPath      = flag.String("o", "", "output file or directory.\nFor -target ios or tvos, use the .app suffix to target simulators.")
  	appID         = flag.String("appid", "org.gioui.app", "app identifier (for -buildmode=exe)")
  	version       = flag.Int("version", 1, "app version (for -buildmode=exe)")
  	printCommands = flag.Bool("x", false, "print the commands")

@@ 46,7 46,7 @@   func main() {
  	flag.Usage = func() {
- 		mainUsage(os.Stderr)
+ 		fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, mainUsage)
  	if err := mainErr(); err != nil {

A cmd/gio/help.go => cmd/gio/help.go +51 -0
@@ 0,0 1,51 @@
+ // SPDX-License-Identifier: Unlicense OR MIT
+ package main
+ const mainUsage = `The Gio command builds and packages Gio (gioui.org) programs.
+ Usage:
+ 	gio -target <target> [flags] <package> [run arguments]
+ The go tool is sufficient to build, install and run Gio programs on platforms
+ where a single executable is sufficient. The gio tool can build and package Gio
+ programs for platforms where additional metadata or support files are required.
+ The package argument specifies an import path or a single Go source file to
+ package. Any run arguments are appended to os.Args at runtime.
+ If the package contains an appicon.png file, it is used as the app icon on
+ supported platforms.
+ The mandatory -target flag selects the target platform: ios or android for the
+ mobile platforms, tvos for Apple's tvOS, js for WebAssembly/WebGL.
+ The -arch flag specifies a comma separated list of GOARCHs to include. The
+ default is all supported architectures.
+ The -o flag specifies an output file or directory, depending on the target.
+ The -buildmode flag selects the build mode. Two build modes are available, exe
+ and archive. Buildmode exe outputs an .ipa file for iOS or tvOS, an .apk file
+ for Android or a directory with the WebAssembly module and support files for
+ a browser.
+ As a special case for iOS or tvOS, specifying a path that ends with ".app"
+ will output an app directory suitable for a simulator.
+ The other buildmode is archive, which will output an .aar library for Android
+ or a .framework for iOS and tvOS.
+ The -appid flag specifies the package name for Android or the bundle id for
+ iOS and tvOS. A bundle id must be provisioned through Xcode before the gio
+ tool can use it.
+ The -version flag specifies the integer version for Android and the last
+ component of the 1.0.X version for iOS and tvOS.
+ The -work flag prints the path to the working directory and suppress
+ its deletion.
+ The -x flag will print all the external commands executed by the gio tool.
+ `