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#a little wiki bird

Dithered image of a mynah bird.

Photo of the Mynah bird from Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0 Richard Taylor

Mynah helps you keep a digital garden, or wiki from a directory of markdown files.

Currently it is pretty bare-bones, a major missing feature is that it can't handle images. That may come in the future.

To use mynah:

  • clone this repository
  • plop the mynah script wherever you'll be managing your wiki
  • ensure that mynah is executable, chmod +x mynah
  • run mynah -nest to prepare the way, this will bootstrap some necessary directories and documents
  • from there, add any and all markdown content to the content directory
  • when you've updated your content and are ready to build the html of the wiki, run mynah -build

mynah -build converts the markdown to html with pandoc, exporting the output to the public directory...easy peasy.

Mynah has a hard dependency on pandoc and the_silver_searcher. Both could be pretty easily replaced, though.

	mynah, a little wiki bird

	usage: ./mynah
	                 -b(uild)....to build the site
	                 -s(earch)...to search for a pattern across all wiki entries
	                 -h(elp).....to display this message
	                 -n(est).....to start a new wiki


  • add support for including images
  • automatically dither/compress images
  • pandoc styling
  • index page
  • command to trigger a rebuild
  • consider making commands all bird themed, build to fly?