every planet needs a moon


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#Moon maker

Dithered version of the iconic "earth rise" image for earth coming up over the moon.

Moon maker, mm, helps you add and manage orbiting moon files to central planet files. Useful for documentation, scratch, and explorations while you work.

This honestly isn't intended for use by other folks, but, I thought it'd be fun to share.

To use mm:

  • clone this repository
  • ensure that mm is executable, chmod +x mm
  • plop the mm script someplace in your path
  • run mm -init at the root of your project, like you would with git.
  • from there, you are good to start adding moons to planets!
    Moon Maker

    ⋆。°✩ ☾

    mm is a small program that lets you add orbiting moons to existing planets.

    A planet file is the one you care about -- probably a file in an actual project.
    Moon files orbit planets, they are disposable scratch spaces connected to planets.

    usage: ./mm
                    -i(nit)....initialize a directory to store moon files
                    -o(pen)....open a planet file and all of its moon files
                    -l(ist)....list all moons for a given planet file
                    -a(dd).....create a new moon file for a given planet file
                    -d(elete)..remove a moon file by its id
                    -c(lear)...remove all moon files for a given planet file
                    -u(pdate)..rename a planet file and all of its moon files

mm -init creates a folder called .moons -- this is where all moons you add to a project live. I like tracking my .moons folder in git so that stuff syncs too.

Here's a blog post with more info about moon maker.