Simple web-based word counter, keeping a tally the Dutch words you know.
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#Nederlandse Woordenteller

The Nederlandse Woordenteller (Dutch Word Counter) is a tiny web application to help you keep track of the words you've learned. Simply enter words, phrases or sentences you know and it will keep track of the new words. Frog is used to extract the word roots, so for example "boeken" and "boek" are not counted as separate words.

#Running the app

The easiest way to run the app is using docker-compose. You need to provide an appropriate .env file populated with the needed information (Flask secret key, Google client ID, etc). An example file, named .env.example is included.

After the .env file is ready, simply run:

docker-compose up

To enable debug user, you can run:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.debug.yml up

The app should be available at http://localhost:8000.