Scheme-like language running in an SECD machine
Fix accepts_argument_count
Add a few multiple-value tests


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Trick is a full R7RS-small compliant implementation of the Scheme programming language, targeting an SECD machine. It's written in Python and, as of this moment, is very very slow! It's mostly an educational project at the moment, though I might be able to write a faster implementation of the virtual machine in the future.

#SRFI Support

The following SRFIs are supported:


Python 3.9 or later is required. There is no other dependency.

#Running Trick

In order to get a REPL, simply run ./trick.sh. In order to compile a source file named 'foo.scm' into a FASL file that can be run by the VM run ./trick.sh -c foo.scm. This creates a files named foo.fasl. Now you can run the file by running ./trick.sh run foo.fasl.

#Known Issues

  • equal? does not work correctly with circular lists.
  • map does not work correctly with circular lists.