create setq! macro

The setq! macro automates making sure custom variables as opposed to modifying
variables directly through setq
add edwina window manager

edwina provides dwm style window management inside of emacs relegating all
created buffers to a main window and stack paradigm
add more packages and update readme
modify keybindings to take advantage of new leader maps
modify __package snippet to, like, actually be worth a damn
add README and update markdown mode
add markdown-mode

Add a rudimentary markdown-mode package (so that we can write our README.md
using emacs).
refactor shaolin emacs

This refactor includes a number of quality of life improvements.

* Editor defaults have been split into their own package

* Completion defaults have been split into their own package

* A new projects package was added for projectile

* Snippets has been refactored to actually work

* A makefile has been added to generate the package guix profile

* Everything just works a lot better out of the box now

* Diminish, projectile, and golden ratio packages were added

Shaolin Emacs a more complete editor and more pleasant default experience. In
fact this commit can almost be said to be the one that makes it into a usable
editor, of course time and hacking will tell if that is true of the new shaolin
or not.
2d75e4e5 — Elais Player 4 years ago
use doom-emacs magit buffer function

I was spoiled by this behavior that was introduced to doom, so I
decided to co-opt it for my own config. Thank you Henrik.
7ac7ace5 — Elais Player 4 years ago
add the latest to shaolin

Added a bunch of stuff I watned to try out
add more packaged
Initial Commit

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin...