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create setq! macro
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#Once Upon A Time In Shaolin...

Emacs-Fu entered a new era. In the past practitioners worked mostly in isolation, perfecting their emacs-fu with little contact to other. Eventually distributions came along, providing practitioners old and new with manuals of power through which they would learn to master their editor.

Two schools emerged to dominate the distro era: the traditional M-x immaculate-command style and the upstart SPC m modal-techniques style. The former school --dominated by the likes of emacs-prelude, centaur-emacs and M-x Emacs-- believes that emacs should continue to be command based, and thus builds out distributions that maintain the command based modes as default. The latter --largely represented by spacemacs and doom-emacs-- borrows heavily from emacs' former enemies during the editor wars and tries to emulate their evil kung-fu while still harnessing the power of emacs.

Shaolin Emacs seeks to learn from both of these schools.